Whether you’re looking to bake a smaller sized cake in her toaster oven or simply don’t desire to attend to lots that tempting leftovers, making half a cake mix is a great option. Indigenous pan selections to separating eggs and also substitutions, we’ll walk girlfriend step-by-step through just how to break-up a cake mix in half.

Need concepts to usage up the remaining cake mix? gain some small Batch Cake Mix Cookies, Blueberry Coffee Cake, tiny Batch Cake Mix Cookie Bars, or treat yourself to a pair of teeny-tiny Cake Mix Mini Cakes because that Two!

While we’re large fans that from-scratch cookies, cupcakes, and also muffins occasionally it’s nice to grab a boxed mix and also throw together simple treat.

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The difficulty is that a conventional (15.25 oz) cake mix have the right to leave you with numerous leftover cake, specifically if you’re food preparation for just one or two people.

Dividing the mix seems prefer a an excellent solution yet it can lead to lots of questions. Like how do you division an egg, what size pan have to I use, does it need to bake for the very same amount that time?

Below, we’ll answer every one of those questions and also more!

At over 1,500 words, this article ended up gift a tiny longer 보다 we intended (I blame all the egg attempts). Therefore we placed together a table of components for you.

If you want to skip ahead, click the component you’re interested in and also you’ll be taken ideal to it.

Table that Contents

STEP 1: divide The Cake Mix In Half

The ingredient in your boxed cake mix have actually been sitting and settling for a little on the grocery save shelf. Prior to you acquire started, grab the bag and also give that a fast shake to mix every little thing up.

Now, girlfriend could try to dump fifty percent the bag out yet dividing the mix right into equal sections will yield the ideal results. Here are two ways to go about it.

Option 1: using a Scale

A standard boxed cake mix (in the US) weighs 15.25 ounces. So half a crate of cake mix weighs 7.625 ounces.

To measure the end half, location a tool bowl on her scale and zero the out. To water the mix right into the bowl until it measures 7.62 ounces.

Option 2: utilizing Measuring Cups

A cake mix the weighs 15.25 ounces has 3⅓ cup of mix total. So fifty percent a box of conventional cake mix is 1⅔ cups.

To measure out half, use the spoon-and-sweep method. This method will save you native compacting the mix and also taking more than half.

Place a piece of parchment document on her counter.Spoon the mix right into a dried measuring cup and also use the back of a knife come level off the mix.Repeat till you have actually 1⅔ cup of mix measured out.If girlfriend have any of the dry mix on the parchment paper, to water it earlier into the bag with the other half of the cake mix.

Did that sound confusing? If it did, examine out this article by street Spun run on just how To properly Measure Flour.

Okay, now that you’ve gained your mix divided let’s look at the various other ingredients.

STEP 2: division The Water and also Oil In Half

Take the amount of water called for and also divided it in half. So, if package instructions speak to for 1 cup of water usage 1/2 cup.

When it involves the oil, some boxed cake mixes (like Betty Crocker and also Pillsbury) call for 1/2 cup of oil while others (like Duncan Hines) usage 1/3 cup.

Take everything the instructions on your box call for and divide it in half.

Half of 1/2 cup = 1/4 cup or 4 tablespoonsHalf of 1/3 cup = 2 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons

I usually make ours cake mix v olive oil or avocado oil however you have the right to use any type of vegetable oil you want.

If you use coconut oil (in a fluid state), just make certain the other ingredients space at room temperature (and not cold). Otherwise, the coconut oil will certainly harden into lumps and also muck up her batter – it will be sad.

STEP 3: Halve The eggs + Substitutions

If package calls for 2 eggs, just use one egg.

But what if the calls because that 3 eggs?

The quick Answer: use one entirety egg + fifty percent a to win egg.

To measure out the to win egg, crack an egg right into a little bowl and beat v a fork until the white and also yolk are combined. Measure the end half, about 1½ come 2 tablespoons (give or take a little). For more tips check out this how to Measure fifty percent an Egg post.

*You’ll want to refrigerate the remaining beaten egg and also use it in ~ 24 hours.

The cake we made making use of this an approach turned out great. It was moist through a nice flavor and also light texture. Simply what you’d suppose from a cake mix.

BUT…that leftover to win egg to be a small inconvenient and potentially wasteful. Therefore we wanted to watch if it can be avoided.

We grabbed much more lemon cake mix, divided the crate up and tried out part substitutions.


First, us replaced all of the eggs through 1/4 cup the unsweetened applesauce. (Spoiler: don’t perform this – it’s not a an excellent option).

The Results: The cake barely rose, was doing not have in flavor and also when ns tried to reduced it ~ cooling, it cracked and also fell apart.

Would We carry out It Again? Nope.

Greek Yogurt

Another choice is come replace every one of the eggs with 2 tablespoons of level yogurt, continual or Greek variety.

The Results: The cake didn’t climb much yet it did host together well and tasted great. The crumb to be denser but not in a negative way.

Would We use This Substitution Again? Yep. Ns think the lb cake-style texture would be perfect for pairing v whipped cream and also berries, especially for a summer brunch or Mother’s job treat.

Egg + Greek Yogurt

The last alternative we tried was utilizing one egg add to a tablespoon that yogurt.

The Results: This cake was tender, had actually a quite flavor and was lighter 보다 the all-yogurt option. While the did crumble some, it didn’t loss apart choose the applesauce one.

Would We usage This Substitution Again? 100% Yes! in its entirety it had a an excellent flavor and nice texture. Add to it to be so simple to seize a spoonful the yogurt and include it in v the 1 egg.

New! What about using 1 egg + component of an additional egg?

A the majority of small-batch baking recipes speak to for a single egg white or a solitary egg yolk (like ours rich and also fudgy toaster oven chocolate cookies). Leaving you with some part of one egg to use up.

To see if an extra egg yolk or one egg white would certainly make a good addition to half a cake mix we got hold of a box of the same lemon cake mix native before and got baking.


About a mainly after this marathon baking conference we decided to try two an ext options. Making fifty percent a mix using only 1 egg and using 2 eggs.

The 1-Egg Results: The cake to be noticeably drier than the other cakes. While it still had actually some framework it crumbled easily. When you take it a bite, the cake would kind of autumn apart in her mouth.

Would We usage This Substitution Again? more than likely not. This cake was definitely far better than the applesauce option, however it no something ns enjoyed. Tim did say he would certainly eat the again.

The 2-Eggs Results: This cake rose taller than any type of of the other cakes, was super bouncy, and almost sponge-like. I felt prefer I might easily carve and frost it there is no a the majority of crumbs.

Would We usage This Substitution Again? Maybe. Tim really delighted in this cake. I thought it to be light through a pretty flavor yet that it can use an ext moisture. Ns might shot it again, swapping the water because that milk and adding a tiny yogurt.

If she not certain which egg-option is for you, it’s always a an excellent bet come stick with 1 entirety egg + fifty percent an egg.

Here space a few ideas to usage up the leftover egg:

Grab a frying pan, scramble the egg and add it to a sandwich or salad.

STEP 4: pick Your Pan

An 8 x 8 x 2-inch pan or an 8 or 9-inch round pan are good options because that making fifty percent a cake mix.

If you don’t have actually one that those pans we’ve acquired a bunch of concepts for you!

8 1/2 x 4 1/2 loaf Pan2 round 6 x 2-inch Cake Pans2 6-cup Muffin Pans or a 12-cup Muffin Pan11 x 7-inch Cake PanQuarter paper Pan8.5 x 6.5-inch Casserole Pan

*Pro Tip: use a plastic knife to cut the cake, that won’t scratch your steel pan.

Once you’ve got your pan sorted, make certain to grease the so your cake no stick.

STEP 5: Preheat The Oven

If you’re baking through a conventional ‘big’ oven, follow the box directions because that the exactly temperature setting.

For a standard toaster oven, I find reducing the temperature by 25 degrees yields the finest results.

When making use of the convection choice on our countertop oven, i reduce the temperature by 50 degrees (making certain not come go listed below 300F). This helps to give the middle enough time to cook through without over-baking the edges.

*As all ovens room different, you might need to play roughly a little to discover the perfect temperature setting for your certain oven.

STEP 6: Mix and Bake

Now the you’ve obtained your mix and ingredients divided, her pan selected and also prepped, and also your stove preheating every that’s left to do is mix increase the batter and bake it.

Follow the directions on your package for combining fifty percent of the mix and fifty percent of the ingredients. Then to water the batter into your all set pan and also bake according to the directions.

Check On her Cake Early

The form of mix, pan, ingredients, and also oven used will impact the baking time.

Cupcakes could take the very same amount of time (ours took 15 minutes)Because that thinner, a quarter sheet pan will certainly bake up fast (about 14 come 16 minutes)A bread pan will likely take much longer (about 22 to 25 minutes)Two round 6 x 2-inch cake pans will have a shorter baking time (about 15 to 18 minutes)

For the ideal results, begin checking because that doneness 8 come 10 minutes previously than the shortest baking time listed because that a cake pan on her box. Then add more time as needed.

You’ll understand the cake is ready once a toothpick inserted into the facility comes the end clean.

Wait because that the cake come cool totally before digging in!

Storing The Leftover dried Mix

I recommend putting the continuing to be mix in a recycle sandwich bag. That method you deserve to toss it into the cake mix box v the directions and also ingredients info.

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Pro Tip: write the baking time, temperature, and also pan used to bake fifty percent of the mix on the external of the box. That means whipping up the other half will be super easy.