The 1942 wade Liberty fifty percent dollars have value as both numismatic coins and also as silver- bullion. Keep reading to learn an ext about these silver- coins.



Type: go Liberty fifty percent Dollar Year: 1942 Face Value: $0.50 Composition: 90% silver, 10% copper Silver Weight: .36169 oz. Total Weight: 12.5 grams Current silver Bullion Value: $9.01

The US minted the 1942 fifty percent dollar through no mint mark and also the 1942 D fifty percent dollar and 1942 S half dollar. The mint mark, when present, can be uncovered on the reverse side that the coin ~ above the reduced left side.

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SeriesLocationQuantity Minted
1942 DDenver10,973,800
1942 SSan Francisco12,708,000


This coin in circulated condition is worth at the very least its weight in silver. The silver- melt worth for this coin is $9.01 together of November 11, 2021. This melt worth is calculated native the present silver clues price the $24.90 every ounce.

The 1942 half dollar through no mint note is worth around $10 in great condition. In really fine condition the worth is about $15. In exceptionally fine condition the value is around $18. In uncirculated condition the price is around $40 for coins with an multiple sclerosis 60 grade. Uncirculated coins through a great of ms 63 deserve to sell for about $60.

The 1942 D half dollar and also the 1942 S half dollar have comparable values. Every coin is worth approximately $10 in an excellent condition. In very fine problem the value is around $15 and in very fine problem the value is roughly $18. In uncirculated condition the price is approximately $40 because that coins with an multiple sclerosis 60 grade. Uncirculated coins v a class of multiple sclerosis 63 can sell for around $80.

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Proof coins through no mint note are available and they space each valued at about $500 in PR 65 condition. Over there were only 21,120 evidence coins minted.

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Grading System

Good- The rims of the coin are defined. The motto "IN GOD us TRUST" is readable.

Very fine- The currently on Lady Liberty"s skirt watch sharp. Over there is a small amount that wear on Lady Liberty"s appropriate arm and breast.

Extremely fine- Almost every one of Lady Liberty"s gown lines space visible.

MS 60 uncirculated- There room no signs of wear. The coin has actually luster, however there might be a couple of stains, abrasions, or surface ar marks.

MS 63 selection uncirculated- In the significant focal areas there room some blemishes or call marks. The coin"s luster might not be as prominent.

PR 65 proof- There room no flaws come this coin. A couple of blemishes may be present. is no a dealer or refiner.We perform not purchase or sell precious metal. is a participant in assorted affiliate programs, consisting of the Amazon services LLC Associates Program.This is one affiliate advertising program design to administer a way for sites to earn proclaiming fees by advertising and also linking to Amazon.