The Donruss Rookies baseball card set was exit in 1987. The set consisted of 56 baseball cards and also each card from the 1987 Donruss Rookies baseball card collection is noted below. Note: Baseball cards i m sorry featured a player that did not show up in a continuous season game throughout the most recently completed season, execute not link to their major league statistics.

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"Collectors regularly decried how money had ruined their hobby, make it difficult for lock to form meaningful friendships through their cards. Money, however, make the hobby not only financially rewarding but also more serious, much more instrumental, and also therefore an ext manly. The same collectors that complained around greed often bragged in the same interview around the worth of their cards. Yet money, in turn, made the hobby less akin come child's beat and much more like work: lonely, competitive, unfulfilling, and alienating." - writer John Bloom in A home of Cards (1997)

1987 Donruss Rookies


1987 Donruss Rookies (#14 Bo Jackson)

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#Card DescriptionNotesPic
1Mark McGwire
2Eric Bell
3Mark Williamson
4Mike Greenwell
5Ellis Burks
6De Wayne Buice
7Mark McLemore
8Devon White
9Willie Fraser
10Les Lancaster
11Kenny Williams
12Matt Nokes
13Jeff Robinson
14Bo Jackson
15Kevin Seitzer
16Billy Ripken
17B.J. Surhoff
18Chuck Crim
19Mike Birkbeck
20Chris Bosio
21Les Straker
22Mark Davidson
23Gene Larkin
24Ken Gerhart
25Luis Polonia
26Terry Steinbach
27Mickey Brantley
28Mike Stanley
29Jerry Browne
30Todd Benzinger
31Fred McGriff
32Mike Henneman
33Casey Candaele
34Dave Magadan
35David Cone
36Michael Jackson
37John Mitchell
38Mike Dunne
39John Smiley
40Joe Magrane
41Jim Lindeman
42Shane Mack
43Stan Jefferson
44Benito Santiago
45Matt Williams
46Dave Meads
47Rafael Palmeiro
48Bill Long
49Bob Brower
50Jim Steels
51Paul Noce
52Greg Maddux
53Jeff Musselman
54Brian Holton
55Chuck Jackson
#Card DescriptionNotesPic

1987 Donruss Rookies| bolder = HOF | research study by Baseball Almanac



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