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I to be told the there is a bypass? because that the O2 sensor if girlfriend don"t have a cat top top the truck anymore. So it will certainly trick te computer into reasoning that there is a cat installed. Has anyone heard the this one dknow wherein I can buy one. Also, go it job-related good?I have a 1994 k1500 with 350ciThanks

Search because that O2 simulators ~ above jegs or summit friend will discover them. :bigthumb: I"ve never used em but have heard about them.
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i obtained one on mine truck and also paid $20 ns think for it. I acquired it off of and they had a group buy top top it. Works genuine good.
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I have actually a 1990 model, havent had actually a cat. Because that almsot 5 yrs. Now, there to be no autumn in any kind of power on my truck just improvements.... Ns think the O2 point is a way to squeeze an ext money the end of the consumer..on a TBI Chevy motor, the significant sensors room the IAC, Temp. Sensor and TPS... The O2 rerally doesn"t perform anything, I have actually seen so countless either eliminated compltely or disconected it isn"t even funny..If her worried i say purchase the trick thing, btu don"t install it uneven somethign si walking funky..BIG:bigthumb: EditBTW: look for the Casper electronics version, i understand it is just one of the finest that all the CAMARO males swear buy... I just don"t think ti is precious it PERSONALLY..GOOD LUCK
Thanks for the replies, i m really sorry it take it so lengthy to reply, I just got ago to the house from hurricane Frances. I functioned 5 straight days at the fire dept. The hurricane struggle the county ns live in dead on.

fireman friend live in martin county? i prospered up there. The only reason civilization put 02 simms on there trucks is due to the fact that if they litter a code. Prefer dodge rams favor to throw codes as soon as yo remove the cat and also you placed this one on the ago 02 sensor and also it fixes teh inspect engine light
probably you should have actually diagnosed the problem first then. Analysis codes doesn"t diagnoses problems.A vacuum leak might give girlfriend a skinny exhaust code.

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If you have actually O2 sensors aft the the converters and also remove the converters it will certainly throw a code and WILL adjust the fuel wait mixture. I have a 96 Z71 and also had eliminated the converters the did throw a code but in addition to throwing a code it additionally screwed up mine fuel economy. Once I removed my converts my truck started to gain terrrible gas milage 10mpgcity/12mpghwy. I mounted two simulators native SUMMIT ($88.00pair) and also now I acquire 14mpg/19mpg. It renders a differance if the O2 sensors room in the rear of the converts!
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