In this test ar we"re gonna" test camshaft place (CMP) sensor 2 within the distributor by measure the A/C voltage the produces as we crank the engine.

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If you have actually an oscilloscope, climate in picture 2 the 2 (in the photo viewer above), you"ll discover the waveforms for both CMP sensors. The oscilloscope settings that I offered were: Time/DIV 100ms, Volt/DIV: 2 Volts, Attenuation: 1X.

IMPORTANT: This test is done on the distributor"s 4 pen connector. You"ll have to use test lead with insulated crocodile tips to affix your multimeter to the male spade terminals shown in the test actions below.

These space the check steps:


Disconnect your Toyota Camry"s distributor 4 pen connector indigenous its 4 cable connector.This is the connector that connects come the camshaft place sensors in ~ the distributor.


Connect one multimeter test bring about terminal #3 the the distributor connector.


Connect one multimeter test bring about terminal #4 that the distributor connector.


Place your multimeter in Volts AC mode.


Have your helper crank your Toyota Camry"s engine when you have set up the multimeter test leads.


Your multimeter should register between 0.2 come 0.4 Volts AC together the engine transforms if the camshaft place sensor is functioning.

Let"s take a look in ~ what her test results mean:

CASE 1: The CMP sensor created the indicated AC Voltage. This is the correct and expected test an outcome and tells you the CMP sensor 2 is OK.

You deserve to conclude that the igniter is defective and needs come be changed if you have:

Made certain the ignition coil is no sparking and also not gaining the IGC signal indigenous the igniter.Made sure the igniter has power (TEST 1).Made certain the igniter has actually Ground (TEST 2).Made sure the igniter is gaining the IGT signal native the fuel injection computer system (TEST 3).Made certain the camshaft place sensors are producing their signals (TEST 4 and also TEST 5).

CASE 2: The CMP sensor walk NOT create the suggested AC Voltage. This tells you that the camshaft place sensor is defective.

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This absence of CMP 2 signal will keep the PCM indigenous activating the igniter. Replace the distributor (since the CMP sensors space not marketed separately).

Where to Buy The Igniter (Ignition control Module)

Yup, this bad boy is really expensive. Inspect out the following links and also comparison shop:

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