computer system problem 6 cyl 2 Wheel Drive manual 114000 milesRecently mine speedometer quit functioning properly. Very first it would only come increase after i passed 30 mph or so, then the various other day it stopped working every together. The truck appears to still change fine, what must I it is in looking for?

Hello,It sounds favor you have a auto speed sensor the is walk out and also it demands to be replaced.You will should jack the auto up first is a diagram of the sensors location so you can acquire the problem fixed.Please let us recognize if you need anything rather to obtain the difficulty fixed.Cheers, Ken

computer problem1999 Ford Ranger 6 cyl 2 Wheel drive Automatic 98,000 milesI have a 1999 ford ranger, the various other day as soon as I began the van the abs light come on, the overdrive light is flashing on and also off and also the speedometer is not working this all occurred at the very same time. What carry out you think the trouble is?

Your computer system is runnin a code have the engine placed a diagnosis examine sounds like something in the tranny with the overdrive light coming ~ above

infection problem1999 Ford Ranger 6 cyl two Wheel drive Automatic 84000 milestrans won"t transition &speedo not working
infection problem2000 Ford Ranger 6 cyl two Wheel drive Automatic ok right here is my difficulty my speedometer, trip and odometer are not working and also the overdrive irradiate is flashing however it only does it once its cold out. Top top day"s when it"s warmth it works and the irradiate stops flashing? simply wondering what girlfriend think it can be a friend had said it might be the sencor could be the prob?
This happened to me top top a 99" Ranger. Came to be the rate sensor in the rear end was bad, merely replaced it, and also it functioned perfectly. Ns didn"t gain the lamp on the dash, yet I didn"t have actually overdrive. Mine was a conventional also.
2000 Ford Ranger 6 cyl four Wheel journey Automatic 149200 miles hi, my speedometer is not working. ~ shifting right into 4X4 low a couple weeks ago, the speedometer remained at 50 mph. Before even starting the engine, it reads 25 mph. As soon as started, that jumps come 45 mph. I replaced the speed sensor on the behind differential however the problem still exists. What next?
Did friend stop, put car in neutral and change into 4low?As soon as that wnet into 4 low speedometer jumped come 50?Or once driving the jumped to 50 and also stayed?
i dont remember. Mine dad drove it home and also I drove his van home. We got on the highway and also he dubbed me and asked mine how quick I to be going since my speedometer read 50 mph and also has to be messed increase since.
ns really need those details to find out those wrong. Yet it could be a possible issue with vehicle speed sensor, ns belive friend may have actually one in the transfercase also.
~ doing research study (and aid from regional auto parts store) I believe that the difficulty is the 4WABS brake module. All info from the sensors are sent out to the brake module.
ns really wouldnt put that at top of the list for speedometer analysis considering the speedometer doesnt review off that the wheel speed sensors.Only the vehicle speed sensor. Or cable.
yet in "96 or "98, ford quit producing automobile speed sensors (VSS). They space now managed electronically.
Sorry ns alrightwasnt paying attention to the year.Fords did stop in 97 v their new line the 150"s and also 250"sthe vechicles acquire their analysis from the wheel speed sensors and also collects that from the 4wabs module.If girlfriend would prefer I can describe how to test it.Bit confuse though.But if you have actually a password for 4wabs climate id solve the module first.
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