Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location, and assignment that fuses and relays Mitsubishi Lancer, Mirage & Colt (1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003).

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Checking and Replacing Fuses

To prevent damage to the electric system native short-circuiting or overloading, every individual circuit is equipped through a fuse. The fuse blocks are situated in the passenger compartment and also in the engine compartment.

Use the fuse ar diagrams and the corresponding tables, to examine the fuse the is concerned the problem. Look with the clear side of the fuse to watch if the steel wire inside is separated. If that is, the fuse is blown and should be replaced. If the fuse is no blown, other else must be causing the problem. Contact an authorized Mitsubishi electric motors dealer or a fix facility the your an option to have the difficulty checked.


Before replacing a fuse, always turn off the electric circuit concerned and place the ignition switch in the “LOCK” position.Do not repair fuses and never use a fuse through a capacity better than the one listed or any type of substitute, such as wire, foil, etc. This would reason the circuit wiring to warmth up and could reason a fire.If the replacement fuse blows again ~ a short time, have the electric system confirm by an authorized Mitsubishi motors dealer or a repair facility that your selection to find and also correct the cause.

Instrument dashboard Fuse Box


1) Windshield Intermittent Wiper Relay (Built in Colimn Switch); 2) Fuse Box; 3) Power home window Relay / rear Intermittent Wiper Relay;

4) Fuel Pump Relay / Engine regulate Relay;
5) automatic Transmission regulate Relay.

Fuse box Diagram


№AProtected Component
120Intermittent Wiper Relay, Washer Motor and Wiper Motor
210A/T Indicator Lamp, Back-Up Lamp, ELC-4A/T-ECU, Input obelisk Speed Sensor, Output pillar Speed Sensor, SRS-ECU, prevent Lamp
320ETACS-ECU (Power Door Lock)
410Combination Meter, ETACS-ECU, SRS-ECU, Sunroof-ECU, auto Speed Sensor
510Active Yaw control System, ABS, Back-Up Lamp, power Door Lock, Clock & Multi-Display, Defogger & Door mirror Heater, Full-Auto waiting Conditioner, Ignition vital Cylinder Illumination Lamp, Ignition an essential Reminder Buzzer, Meter & Gauge, MPI System, Radio, Room Lamp, Luggage Compartment Lamp, Cargo Room Lamp, Supplemental Restraint System, Tail Lamp, place Lamp, Licence key Lamp and Lighting monitor Buzzer
610ABS-ECU, ABS Valve Relay, A/C Switch, Thermostat, Blower Relay, Defogger Relay, Power home window Relay, active Yaw regulate System, tension Reducer chair Belt
715Cigarette Lighter, Remote managed Mirror
810Power Door Lock, Clock, Multi Display, Radio
910Turn-Signal and also Hazard Warning Flasher Unit
1025Blower Motor
1125Defogger and also Defogger Switch
17- -
R3Turn-Signal and also Hazard Warning Flasher Unit

Engine Compartment Fuse Boxes


1) Relay Box; 2) ABS Valve Relay / ABS engine Relay; 3) ABS Valve Relay / ABS engine Relay; 4) Fuse Box.

Fuse box Diagram


№AProtected Component
125A/C Compressor, Condenser pan Motor
210ECU strength Supply, Luggage Compartment Lamp, Radio, Room Lamp, Meter and also Gauge, MUT-II power Supply
310Clock, Radio
510High Beam Indicator
610EVO: Full-Auto wait Conditioner, Heater and Manual air Conditioner
710Tail Lamp, Illumination Lamp
810Position Lamp and also Tail Lamp
915Fog Lamp
1010Hazard Warning Lamp
1115Stop Lamp, ABS, active Yaw manage System
1260Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "3", "5", "10", "11", "16"
13100Alternator, Fuse (Engine Compartment): № "1", "2", "6", "12"
1430Ignition Switch
1540Alternator, Fog Lamp, Headlamp, Tail Lamp, Fuse (Engine Compartment): № "7", "8", "9"
1630Radiator pan Motor
1730Power Windows, power Seat
1820MPI System, ELC 4-Speed automatic Transmission
R1 -
R3 -
R4Radiator pan Motor
EVO: Radiator pan Motor (Low)
R6 -

Fusible Link

Located top top the Battery optimistic Terminal.


№AProtected Component
160Anti-Skid Braking device (ABS)
260Active Yaw manage System
Relay Box


№AProtected Component
1210A/C Compressor
13- -
1420EVO: Radiator pan Motor
15- -
R1EVO: Radiator pan Motor (High)
R2 -
R3Condenser Fan
R4Carburettor: Condenser fan Control
R5A/C Compressor

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