Hello !! first you have to discover what's wrong v your car, retrieve the "codes" from the ECM and also come back with the password you get, below is how:https://www.6294.org/articles/checking-a-service-engine-soon-or-check-engine-light-on-or-flashingthis is how you clean the codeshttps://youtu.be/ahK_eucFi-kGood Luck!!

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Engine mechanically problem1999 Nissan Altima automatic Hi, We have actually a Nissan Altima. The examine engine light reflects the password 1491. We had quotes for $400 from 2 shops. However, they room reporting different problem fixes. One shop mentions the the throttle place sensor demands to be changed and accelerator body service. The other shop would change the spark plugs and wires the the injection system. The automobile is now stopping at all red signals and shaking and also stuttering at greater speeds as well. I have actually no idea around this. Might you please aid me v this as I to be so lost regarding what requirements to be done.

The code p1491 has actually nothing to execute with the vehicle dieing out. It also has nothing to execute with the throttle body or a tune-up. It has to do through EVAP emissions system. Over there is a trouble with the vacuum cut valve bypass valve.

I"m pulling the adhering to sequence in codes. 1 slow-moving 2 quick the 3 slow 4 rapid then repeats cycle. My wife advised the car would have actually sudden loss of strength while driving. Idles fine starts fine just replaced distributor, any help would be substantially appreciated!

gain scaned at auto parts for password s and get back to us. The codes you review are abs codes which there is no password 34 it"s 35 which way your left behind sensor has an open up circuit. Additionally have fuel press checked your vehicle will most likely need one adapter so have a neighborhood pro perform it.

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So critical week after having actually minimal problems with my automobile for the previous 4 years, that went crazy. As soon as I applied the breaks - it shook, once I was stopped - that shook, it lost acceleration strength up a hill and then, a couple days later, when I started my car and put it right into reverse to gain out of mine driveway, my engine died. So, i took it come a really great and respect shop and also they ran a test and also got the error code: PO325. Lock then changed the adhering to parts: 4 Spark plugs, 1 Rotor, Distributor Cap, cable Set, Fuel Filter and also 2 water tap Clamps. Afterwards, my vehicle drove fine because that a couple of hours and THEN my inspect Engine light came on. My inspect engine light has actually never come on before, not even prior to my automobile went nutty critical week. So, my concern is, could this be since they just replaced parts? Or might they have actually messed something increase further? Or does my computer need reset? Help!