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My brake lights stopped working on my 2004 Accord EX-L. Tailights work fine, but no brake lights, the 3rd brake light on the spoiler does work. The dome light and map lights stopped working a few weeks ago, i dont recognize when the brake lights stopped working, I simply noticed it around a week ago. None of the fuses are significant for the brake lights, but I cannot find any kind of that space bad. Any kind of ideas anyone?Any aid would be significantly appreciated?
* because that the dome and also map lights, i"d push that one top top a fuse... Uncover the interior lighting fuse and adjust it anyways, even if it looks an excellent (or at the very least test it)... Then update me...
Maybe this is me being naive, however did you examine to view if the bulb shed out? :dunno: The 04"s have timeless bulbs and also not leds.

I would inspect the brake irradiate bulbs too, the center high mounted brake irradiate gets power the same means the other two in the tail light housing, so perhaps among those two burnt out some time ago but you simply didn"t notice, and also only i found it the second one has burned out now.If the bulbs are good, then it"s most likely a grounding problem, which possibly a little bit more an overwhelming to located........
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the blubs space obviously dual filimant.. Through some rediciously strange coincidence id change them since thats the simpliest it can get. Second to that.. Any type of hopes the you still have certification/ guarantee ?

Definitely possible that both melted out at the exact same time. It"s not typical to see however if friend think around it, they both come on at the same time and stay on because that the very same amount that it renders sense because that them to go at the same time. But it would certainly be monster if friend haven"t gotten the BRAKE desk lamp warning light on the dash

If bulbs are easily burning out, ns think friend may have an over voltage condition. Check the voltage throughout the battery would show something the end of range.

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everyone claimed to inspect for burn outs however i think you should examine ur fuses an initial if that hasn"t blown yet.. And then examine the wiring and also if the voltage is correct on the bulbs and the unit
everyone stated to inspect for burn outs but i think you should inspect ur fuses first if the hasn"t swollen yet.. And also then check the wiring and if the voltage is correct on the bulbs and also the unit
Everybody stated check melted out bulb an initial is due to the fact that that renders the many logical sense, a fuse is not going to blow for no great reason, a fuse only blows if there is an over-current situation and that ONLY comes from shorted wiring in this situation (unless someone changed the 5 watt brake light bulbs with 55 watt headlight bulbs, in which instance it is still an over present scenario).I don"t have actually the wiring manual, yet undoubtly the circuit the powers the brake lights does not simply power the brake lamp alone, possibilities are the risk lights and also parking lights are also powered off the same circuit, friend can always check if those lights are still working, if lock are, then it"s most likely burned out bulbs.Again, not to say a swollen fuse is no possible, it"s simply it"s the least likely reason to this scenario.
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