If her Pontiac grand Prix’s steering wheel is difficult to turn, it’s practically always going come be resulted in by an worry with the strength steering system. The strength steering device is responsible for taking power from the engine, convert it come hydraulic pressure, and using that press to diminish the lot of force that you need to use to the steering wheel.

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Before power steering, it would certainly take many turns that the steering wheel to relocate the wheels every the method in any kind of direction. Many turns made it much easier for the driver to relocate the wheels (by leveraging mechanical advantage), but it to be still lot harder 보다 driving a non power helped vehicle. Since now friend only gain a couple of turns of the wheel, it deserve to be virtually impossible to drive a contemporary vehicle without strength steering.


Steering Wheel hard to turn Causes: Pontiac grand Prix

Here are 5 of the most common reasons why your cool Prix’s steering wheel might be tough to turn.

1. Power Steering liquid Low

The place to start trying to find what is making your steering wheel difficult to revolve is the strength steering fluid. If enough of it has actually leaked out, your grand Prix will no much longer have sufficient to appropriately function.

This is the most usual reason the the strength steering stops working. Placing fluid back in might solve the problem for a bit, but if has leaked the end before, it will certainly leak the end again. Recognize the cause of the leak is walking to be necessary. Inspect the hoses about the pump. That’s the location they most regularly leak from.

You should have actually been hear an almost grumble prefer sound as you moved the wheel if this were the case. That won’t grumble or wine if every the fluid is out though. Here’s an ext on sound you can hear under the hood.

2. Negative Power Steering Pump

The power steering pump itself have the right to go bad. If the is no much longer pumping liquid to your cool Prix’s rack, it can’t pressurize the power steering lines and also there will certainly be no steering assistance.

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3. Loosened or negative Belt

You can inspect the belt that turns the strength steering pump. Does the look worn or damaged come you? Is that shiny and glazed? through the engine off, pinch it lightly and shot and move your fingers. If doesn’t fixed them at all, that could be a authorize of a poor belt.

4. Rack Issues

The rack is what take away the press from the power steering system and also actually applies it to your Pontiac cool Prix’s wheels. If that is the rack that is resulting in the problem, it’s typically going come manifest itself an ext when the car is cold. As it warms up the trouble will go away (at first). Ultimately it never ever goes away.

5. Poor Fluid

It is feasible that the power steering fluid has gained so thick in time that that is no longer properly doing it’s task as a hydraulic fluid. If this is the case, you’ll must flush your cool Prix’s power steering fluid.


Conclusion: grand Prix difficult to Steer

If your having a difficult time steering your cool Prix, that is a security issue. We recommend bringing it in for service right away. If the was the end of fluid, make certain to keep an eye top top it. Girlfriend don’t desire to run out again and also burn increase the pump. If there is anything that you would like to add, please feel free to leave a comment below. Good luck!