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Looked choose he might only hold his breathe because that the first 3 shots climate his human body loosened up and also he feel the other 2 hahaha. Oh sig qoute that shit somehow


Looked favor he can only organize his breathe for the first 3 shots then his body loosened up and he feeling the various other 2 hahaha. Oh sig qoute the shit somehow
u should disconnect the battery and have a small fun with the funkystickman i think. He"s been tehre done that.
The "07 Aura XR<Done> intake res delete<Next> Tint, EibachsThe Procharged Ion - SMP stage 2 QC20/5 tint, SPS stb, CF dash, reflective bumper insert, 62mm TB, RL plugs, masked corners, progression rsb, RL fsb, 2.5" cat-back, triple pod w/ Boost, FPG, LC-1 & XD-16, filled former & rear mounts, pclear shorty shift, Procharged, Eibach Pros, 8k HIDs - 188.28whp / 175.03wtq
Haha mine did this too, it was stuck in my buddys driveway for a totality weekend "til I could get parts. You have to take personally the column, and swap in a new lock cylinder. Expense is just under 100 after payment saturn to have actually it re-coded and also all that... (if you can do the labor yourself) might wanna get a pro if you"ve never ever done one before.

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If girlfriend still cant rotate it off, just pop the clutch in like second or third gear v the brakes organized tight, then disconnect the battery.EDIT: i did to speak LOCK CYLINDER and also not ignition switch, which is likewise a usual gm problem. Also, if you got it to turn off and release the key, still do replace the cylinder because it WILL execute it again, and at the worst possible time and place, to trust me!
Your ignition lock is broken. That did happen to me. Thankfully, I was able to drive the car (and simply stall it out and disconnect the battery) therefore I could go to work and also back.You"re walking to have to replace the ignition cylinder lock (NOT the ignition switch, this is the mechanical lock part that the an essential goes into). Ns ordered a replacement lock from carlocksandkeys.comThe exactly one is here:2003-2007 Saturn Ion Ignition Lock - automobile Keys & vehicle LockThey will send girlfriend a new lock cylinder and matching key. You"ll have to remove the old one, which isn"t impossible, but plan a good afternoon the swearing at it. Your old vital won"t begin the car anymore, however I only use my key to begin it, I usage the remote for the trunk and also doors.I"ve gained pictures, I"ll destruction around and also post them increase as shortly as ns can. It"s not too bad.
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