We are writing about the Hyundai Sonata fuel pump problem, because we just solved an recurring intermittent worry on a 2004 Sonata. I"ll break from my legacy of an initial explaining the procedure of this fuel system component and just tell you what addressed this car. Climate I"ll add the juicy diagnostic and also repair details later.

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This 15 year old, solitary owner Hyundai Sonata has 225,000 mile on it. The original factory installed fuel pump go almost every one of this distance. After ~ the car quit to run on the highway the driver towed it to a regional shop. After some trial and error they replaced the fuel pump. Ever because then the auto has become unreliable through an intermittent no start and also no fuel pressure issue. Permit me it is in upfront through you and say that i stumbled onto the trouble by pure accident. ~ above the Hyundai, we have the high-end of gaining accessibility to the optimal of the fuel tank v an inspection hatch.

Although I"m not a fan of this cars, this easy access is off the hook. I would"ve begged the designers for an access panel as soon as I replaced the fuel pump ~ above a Chevy Cavalier. My intention to be to traction the pump module the end of the Sonata and look for recent repair issues.

I thought maybe the shop saved money by utilizing a global replacement pump? However, as soon as I pulled the connector off of the module I could see part minor damages to the plastic connector at the power terminal. It actually looked favor someone got a tiny rough when testing for a power signal from the fuel pump relay. On this vehicle the lock flavor that holds the terminal right into the connector damaged off. As soon as they plugged in the fuel pump the terminal to tongue contact listed intermittent present flow. In other words, the terminal backed out of the connector. We couldn"t discover a brand new replacement fuel pump pigtail connector because that a Hyundai Sonata on a Sunday afternoon.

Therefore, I simply took part epoxy and glued the terminal into place until we can pick one up at a regional junk yard. In mine opinion, we fixed this Hyundai Sonata fuel pump problem. Currently it"s your turn.

Hyundai Fuel system Issues

One the the key reasons the I chose to compose this post is that i don"t frequently work through Hyundai automobiles. In mine area the the world, civilization drive this cars, but not in huge numbers so ns don"t see them too much.

I need to look choose a Ford or Chevy truck type of guy, because these space the vehicles I view most? However, getting associated with this certain automobile allowed me to check out the require for my intervention on the Hyundai Sonata fuel pump problem.

In this short article you"ll discover a component location diagram that mirrors where the relay is. We’ll also administer a wiring diagram that reflects you how straightforward the operation of the fuel pump circuit is. Together I stated in the opened of this post we have actually three can be fried possibilities the a root cause.

The fuel pump deserve to go bad, the fuel pump relay can fail or we have a wiring difficulty as described in the opening example. Sign up with me together we explore all three of these alternatives and talk around why the Hyundai fuel pump module stays so expensive.

Hyundai Sonata Fuel Pump Diagnosis

Hyundai Fuel Pump Relay Location

As i mentioned, we can go directly to the fuel pump, but don’t change it without any initial testing. Unfortunately, Hyundai doesn"t give us a quick connect Schrader valve to test fuel pressure. Return this will certainly make diagnosis a little tougher we deserve to still conquer this.One that the quickest points to examine if we doubt a Hyundai Sonata fuel pump trouble is the activation relay. Every time you revolve the ignition ~ above or come the run place the pump becomes energized. Top top this web page I have actually supplied a component location diagram pinpointing the ar of the fuel pump relay.Here"s the great news about this light blue colored relay on most models. Lock have additional circuits that use the very same exact component number. This enables us to switch the relays out v an identical part to carry out a rapid test to watch if the fuel press returns and the vehicle runs together normal.

They find the fuel pump chin under the tribe mat behind the behind seat earlier on the larger Hyundai Sonata models, or under the passenger side behind seat bottom on the more recent ones. After ~ removing the seat bottom you eliminate the access cover over the fuel tank module.We want to make sure that us do have actually 12 V reaching the electrical fuel pump motor before we think about replacing it. Remember once you rotate the ignition to the on position that the engine is just energized for two seconds.

However, if you have actually a girlfriend crank the vehicle, you should see 12 V ~ above the power wire terminal together the engine turns over. After pointing out the instance with a Hyundai technician, he explained that taking an actual push test isn"t important if girlfriend do discover 12 V top top the power terminal (green wire) v a great ground on the black color wire.

2004 Hyundai Sonata wire Diagram

In most cases when a Hyundai Sonata electrical pump fails, it stop spinning due to the fact that of an electrical winding or brush and stator problems.

Do-it-yourself folks might be familiar with this kind of case when diagnosing internal blower motors and intermittent beginning motors. In various other words, periodically if you straight tap top top the fuel pump while your friend is cranking the vehicles, the pump begins to spin, construct pressure and also the engine starts. If you tap on her old fuel pump and the engine start you require a brand-new one. The Hyundai mechanic also detailed a good technical tip. It"s not unexplained to see a 10 year old Hyundai Sonata towed into his shop through a no start condition.

In many cases, they do find a failure fuel pump. However, it"s also possible for the crank sensor to fail and cause a no start problem as well. This is why some an easy testing constantly makes sense. Through a small testing you have the right to replace the components that are negative instead that the people that room good.

Replacement Fuel Pump parts for Hyundai Cars

When i priced a instead of pump for this 2004 Hyundai Sonata I acquired sticker shock. You can obtain fuel pumps on Amazon for residential automobiles in the $50-$60 range. However, also the cheapest replacement part I might find for this oriental built automobile came in approximately $200.When I referred to as the dealership and also they quoted me a price the $500 I started scratching mine head. This reminds me of the case when you buy a $45 computer system printer. Once you acquisition replacement squid you find out these cartridges cost $65 or more than the price of the totality printer.Although korean cars from Hyundai and also Kia space inexpensive, you carry out run into critical components that bring a higher than common price tag when contrasted to American automobiles. The other vital thing to recognize is the Sonata come in a four-cylinder and also a an ext luxurious design with a powerful V-6.

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The four-cylinder cars and the V-6 engines have various Hyundai part numbers. The 4 cylinder component is top top the left the v6 is the following one up. I check out a lot of of people complaining that they got the wrong pump for your car.

Another conversation I see throughout the well-known Hyundai vehicle owner forums is saving money by to buy a global pump. Ns discourage this due to the fact that there"s too much room for human being error as soon as disassembling and also reassembling the fuel tank module.

In my personal opinion, several of the universal fuel pumps have actually dubious quality as well. Instead of the part on a Hyundai Sonata is a go in a park contrasted to various other models. However, you don"t desire repeat failures the leave you waiting for a tow truck.We filed this Hyundai fuel pump short article in the automotive tune-up and also maintenance section. Prevent over there to learn an ext about well-known cars with major problems. Discover what the solve my old ride.com website is all around visit the homepage at your earliest convenience.