P0345 is a somewhat typical and complicated trouble password to diagnose. The Nissan Murano is no exemption to this rule. It shows that there is an issue with the camshaft position sensor A on financial institution 2. That is usually led to by a wiring trouble or the CPS itself.

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OBDII P0345 method that there is a trouble with the Camshaft place Sensor (CPS) circuit “A”. Financial institution 2 shows that it’s on the side of the motor through the second cylinder in the shoot order.

While it deserve to be tempting to litter a brand-new camshaft position sensor in and also see if it fixes the problem, the CPS doesn’t always end up addressing the problem.

Since the CPS can frequently be daunting to obtain to, experimentation the wiring going come it makes great sense for step one. Below, we’ll go over the symptoms and also potential causes of P0345 in her Nissan Murano.

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P0345 Symptoms: Nissan Murano

The CPS help an engine recognize optimal timing for combustion. Once it is not functioning properly, the can cause a most drivability difficulties in her Murano, such as:

They include:

failure to Start negative Idle Quality diminished Fuel economic climate Drop in Engine power

Nissan Murano P0345 Causes


As declared above, the P0345 password is regularly caused by a failure in the Camshaft place Sensor itself. Below are the most typical causes:

Wiring Issue– The Camshaft position Sensor wiring is exposed come harsher conditions than a lot of the wiring in her Murano. The is worth looking in ~ it to see if it has emerged a short, or to check out if the harness connector is loose or damaged.

Here’s a good article on how to diagnose a short in a car. It’s really not facility once you acquire the cave of it. You’ll desire to look for frayed, burnt, or damaged wiring.

Also, examine the link at the CPS and PCM. Make certain that they room damage complimentary and snug. Examine the contact points. It would certainly be a shame to replace a CPS when all you needed to settle some wiring.

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Camshaft place Sensor Failure– ~ examining all of the wiring around the CPS, it’s walk to be time to test the sensor itself. Here is a an excellent video on exactly how to execute that v a multimeter. The an excellent news is, that if the CPS is bad, castle are relatively affordable to replace!

Other Causes– there are significantly less likely causes for P0345 together well. These incorporate the PCM failing or the Crank Sensor failing. You’ll need to inspect the voltage in ~ the camshaft sensor to see if that is within spec.


P0345 is a severe concern and also should be addressed as quickly as possible. We recommend taking your Murano into a mechanic as quickly as possible. If girlfriend have any type of suggestions for improving this article, please feel cost-free to leave a comment below. Good luck!