The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is a small but crucial component. When it stops working, your Silverado will experience a rough idle and poor acceleration. Continue reading for a quick and easy DIY replacement job.

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This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado GMT800 (1999-2006).

An EGR valve allows approximately 5% to 10% of exhaust gas to re-enter the intake manifold. Once the fuel, air, and gas mixture reaches the cylinder, the O2 in the air becomes diluted, resulting in a slightly lower engine combustion. However, this process of recirculating exhaust gases does not significantly effect the engine"s output, and is designed to reduce emissions. If the EGR valve becomes faulty, you may notice engine misfires, a rougher idle, and/or poorer acceleration. Along with this, your truck may fail to meet emission standards. The steps below outline how to properly replace the EGR valve in your Silverado.


Step 1 – Remove the old EGR valve

The EGR valve is located directly in front of the engine"s oil filler cap. Remove two 10mm mounting bolts on the valve, and lift it out. To unplug the connector, simply lift the black tab and pull it straight out.

Figure 1. Silverado EGR valve location and bolt location (circled in red).
Figure 2. Remove two 10mm bolts.
Figure 3. Lift out the EGR valve.Figure 4. Un-clip the connector.

Step 2 – Install the new EGR valve

Correctly position the new gasket onto the EGR mounting surface, followed by the new EGR valve. Hand-tighten the 10mm bolts. Then use the socket, ratchet, and extension to tighten them further. Attach the connector to the new EGR valve to complete the installation. Finally, drive your truck to ensure the engine is running smoothly and no lights on the instrument cluster have turned on.

Figure 5. New (left) EGR valve vs the old (right).
Figure 6. Install the new gasket.
Figure 7. Tighten new EGR valve to a snug fit.
Figure 8. Plug in the connector.

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Pro Tip

It is recommended that you clean or replace the EGR valve every 50,000 miles. Carburetor cleaner can be used to clean the valve.