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My inner trunk relax on a 2005 Chevy Malibu LS is not working after gaining the car detailed.I to be trying to remove the door panel and have been following the directions here: presented here space two little plastic plugs top top the next of the door that need to be removed.I uncovered the screws that were right behind the manage no problem and also removed those.

I also removed the door take care of trim, the windows and mirrors unit and popped off the trunk relax as well.Everything went well right up until I got to the part about making use of the putty knife.No issue how difficult I traction I can not gain the door off? Is there another collection of screws somewhere the I"m missing?Thanks because that the help!Mike

And more easily reflects the collection up because that the brand-new models vehicles. Ns wish I could see the door structure a little an ext closely so the I can see if those plastic clips attached to the steel door structure need come come turn off or not. They appear to it is in fastened through two face tape as well and also do no budge through a putty knife.Mike
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