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hello all,i have actually a trouble i have actually searched but cannot find any kind of info or place of the Engine Oil pressure Sensor i likewise got the p0520 code, i have actually a 2011 durango crew awd 3.6 liter it is not noted in the shop manuals i have actually looked at, even auto components store doesn"t display location. I dubbed dealership they claimed i have actually to lug it in.....sigh i am prepared to journey it right through the present room window... Very frustrating come say the least. Any assist would be significantly appreciated....
Hi. I think that is a sensor i just had actually replaced. The is actually located behind the rear of the motor. They need to take the peak of the motor off to obtain at it. Girlfriend should have actually them execute your plugs in ~ the very same time. "13 Crew through 118,000 miles.

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