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The 2013 American silver Eagle is in stock and also we room delighted to have the ability to offer this standout coin come our customers. The 2013 American silver- Eagle functions the silver eagle emblem and also the engraving United states of America. It is likewise stamped through its one troy ounce the pure .999 silver. V its eagle, an iconic national symbol, this coin is celebrated amongst collectors and also investors. It makes great investment in valuable metals and a an excellent gift to commemorate birthdays or graduations.

Coin Highlights:

Individual coins delivery in plastic coin flips, when multiples of 20 come in mint-sealed tubes and multiples the 500 come in monster boxes.Contains 1 oz that .999 pure silver.Offers a face value of $1 USD, donate by the USA.

The U.S. Mint is known, the course, because that its design know-how. The go Liberty style features Lady Liberty in she flowing robe v a blazing sun behind her. An ext than 130 million of this dazzling coins have been sold since 1986 as soon as this beautiful coin was an initial produced. Us ship every 2013 American silver Eagle in brand new, brilliant Uncirculated problem just as it appeared from the mint in 2013. That extraordinary design has enabled it to proceed to be one of the most popular coins on the market.

We obtain every one of our priceless metal assets directly native the mint or from trusted distributors therefore customers have the right to trust every coins condition and authenticity. Each distribution is packaged discreetly with protection in mind. Moreover, we fully insure every package for included protection in the rare occasion a e-mail becomes shed or is damaged.

The 2013 American silver- Eagle is a stunning example of the U.S. Mints wonderful artistry. Its assets boast first-rate quality and we room happy to attribute them. If girlfriend have any kind of questions around this coin or any other of our featured products, please contact us at 800-276-6508. For included convenience, feel totally free to reach united state via our live conversation or by filling out the online contact form. Also be sure to save an eye the end for the new 2015 silver- Eagle Coin which we mean to be accessible on pre-sale starting in November or December of 2014.

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