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According to Wikipedia the 454 has 454.2 CID via a 4.251 customs bore and a 4 inch stroke. ((4.251 / 2)^ 2) * pi = ~14.19 square inches. Multiply that by the 4 inch stroke and also you have ~56.77 cubic inches, multiply the by 8 cylinders and also you have actually ~454.17. So far so good, now, you bored it .020 over, now your boring is 4.271, act the mathematics again you have 458.46 cubic inches.TL;DR watch above.EDIT: This is just an easy geometry here: your engine is a bunch of cylinders. The volume the a cylinder is a the area that a circle time it"s height. Boring is cylinder diameter, divide it through 2 to gain the radius. Area that a one is pi*radius^2. Punch is just the elevation of the cylinder. Then you multiply by number of cylinders. No should over think it.
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