The term meaning pertaining to in ~ the skinis. Intradermal. The term meaning pertaining to under theskin. Subcutaneous. One onychotomy is an _____into thenail.

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Subsequently, question is, which term method containing fat? adip/osis. Definition. Abnormal condition offat. Term. Lip/o/cele.

Subsequently, inquiry is, what is the medical term because that pertaining come the skin?

seborrhea. Medical term the meanspertaining come the nails. Ungual. The most superficial layerof the skin. Epidermis.

What is words for discharge the sebum?

Sebum is the medical term for an oily secretionfrom the sebaceous glands in the skin; the last word canalso it is in an adjective referring more generally to oil or fat;seborrhoea (US seborrhea) (Greek rhoia, flow or flux) is excessivedischarge the sebum indigenous the sebaceous glands; sebacic acidis a white crystalline

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What does Onych mean?

onycho- , onych- Combining creates denoting afingernail or a toenail.
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What is the clinical term because that the surgical repair of wrinkles?

- aka facelift. Term. Rhytidoplasty:Definition. - surgical repair ofwrinkles.
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Which combining form means come cut?

combining form meaning to cut.crin/o.
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Which condition is frequently called warts?

Common warts, additionally known together verruca vulgaris, isa common dermatological condition that causes small,fleshy growth on the skin. Castle are many often found on the handsor fingers, but can likewise occur in any type of other non-genitallocation.
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What is the prefix for fingernail?

Onycho- (prefix): Pertaining come the nails.Examples of medical terms including "onycho-" includeonychodystrophy (abnormal development and advancement of the nails),onychomycosis (fungal infection of the nails), onychogryposis(abnormally curved nails) and onychoosteodysplasia (malformation ofbones and nails).
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What cells develop black pigments?

The melanin pigments space produced in aspecialized group of cells recognized as melanocytes. Over there arethree straightforward types the melanin: eumelanin, pheomelanin, andneuromelanin. The most common form is eumelanin, that which over there aretwo types—brown eumelanin and dark browneumelanin.
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What is the correct abbreviation that intradermal?

Intradermal injection, regularly abbreviatedID, is a shallow or superficial injection of a substance right into thedermis, i beg your pardon is located in between the epidermis and also thehypodermis.
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What is the clinical term that way excessive growth of hair?

Hirsutism (HUR-soot-iz-um) is a problem of unwanted,male-pattern hair growth in women. However, hirsutism is amedical problem that can arise from excess malehormones referred to as androgens, generally testosterone. That can additionally bedue to a family trait.
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What is the clinical term meaning a loss of emotion or feeling?

Specialty. Psychiatry, Neurology. Hypoesthesia is acommon side effect of miscellaneous medical conditions whichmanifests together a decreased sense the touch or sensation,or a partial loss the sensitivity to sensory stimuli. Ineveryday speech this is usually referred come asnumbness.
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What is the clinical term for black cell?

melanocyte. Definition. Melan/o: black.-cyte: cell. cell that is black.
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What is pertaining come the skin?

Answer and also Explanation:
the word intradermal method pertaining come withinthe skin. The root word dermal describes the skin.The skin is
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What walk cutaneous use mean?

A skin condition, likewise known together cutaneouscondition, is any kind of medical condition that affects the integumentarysystem—the organ system that encloses the body and includesskin, hair, nails, and also related muscle and glands. The majorfunction the this system is together a barrier versus the externalenvironment.
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What is a tumor consist of of fat?

A lipoma is a light tumor do of fattissue. Lock are usually soft come the touch, movable, andpainless. Lock usually occur just under the skin, however occasionallymay be deeper. Occasionally clinical imaging or tissue biopsy isused to confirm the diagnosis. Treatment is generally byobservation or surgical removal.
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What are the word elements in the term epithelium?

The word elements in the ax epithelium are.prefix + source + suffix. A superficial scraping that the skin, amucous membrane or the cornea is called a (n) abrasion. Theterm that way removing organization from a living person forlaboratory check is referred to as a (n)
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What does the root of words nephrectomy refer to?

The term hematuria means blood in theurine; the root word, hemat-, meaning blood and thesuffix, -uria, an interpretation urine. Nephrectomy, meaningsurgical removal of a kidney, contains the complying with wordelements: nephr/o, definition kidney, and -ectomy, an interpretation surgicalexcision.
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Which term way yellow skin?

Jaundice. Jaundice develops when there is as well muchbilirubin in your system. Bilirubin is a yellow colours thatis created by the malfunction of dead red blood cells in the liver.Normally, the liver gets rid that bilirubin along with old red bloodcells.
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What walk the source in the term paronychia mean?

Paronychia is a nail condition that is one oftentender bacterial or fungal epidemic of the hand or foot, whereby thenail and also skin accomplish at the next or the base of a finger or toenail.The term is native Greek:παρωνυχία indigenous para,"around", onyx, "nail" and also the abstract noun suffix-ia.

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What is the term the derives from the Latin meaning a covering?

In biology, integument is the organic covering ofan biology or an organ, such together its skin, husk, shell, or rind. Itderives indigenous integumentum, i m sorry is Latin because that "acovering".
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