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There is a lot of people in the world. However are friend a demigod?Or a mortal? Or Both? Or possibly a Greek or roman Demigod? find out in this at sight awsome quiz!

There is a lot of of people in the world. However are you a demigod?Or a mortal? Or Both? Or probably a Greek or roman Demigod? uncover out in this at sight awsome quiz!Click Please!

Created by: Awsome Ariane

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What is your appropriate weapon? i dont fight. Sword! yeah baby! mine fists room stronger than any type of weapon! A gun i dont fight Bow and arrowDo friend see things that other people don"t? Yes. Every time Sometimes never ever What?Have girlfriend got any type of mental disabilities? Yes. A couple of None! not I lucky! One Two three FourDo you choose Greek or roman inn Mythology? Greek every the way! roman inn all the street! What? Duhh thats boring i dont understand Sort ofAre girlfriend talented? correctly NoDo you prefer fighting? Eww thats because that boys! Yup! No?!Who"s your favourite leader god? over there is only 1 God. The is God. Zeus! Jupiter! Umm, who that guy with lightning?An old lady it s okay attacked! What execute you do? ignore it. Beat that human being in the face. ~ do so it didnt happen call the policeYou acquire chased by a bear! What perform you do? punch the be afflicted with in the face Get part bear repellant lead him into a trap Wait till friend get attacked Shout because that helpDid you like this quiz? This wont counting on your result I promise! No Yes finest Quiz Ever! ?

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