Do girlfriend remember the tune “Summer Breeze” through Seals & Croft? It’s the perfect feel-good summer song, that has been spanned by multiple artists, including The Isley Brothers, form O Negative, 3 Tenors, and more. The lyrics were written by Jim Seals, who also received aid composing the music from Darrel Crofts, and was created by Louie Shelton. The song reached number 6 ~ above the U.S. Billboard pop Singles chart. By 2013, the track was ranked No. 13 in rojo Stone’s “Best Summer song of every Time.”

Jim Seals spoke around the meaning of the song, which how amazing is in reality not about a summer breeze in ~ all! Shocker! Trying come create an image in the mind of listeners, the band explained how they focused on the summer bloomed flower, Jasmine. The flower was provided as a an allegory to display “contentment and harmony.” In 1975, Seals in addition spoke about the tune to Melody maker saying that it was, ?A very an easy song about a male coming home from work and also hearing the dog barking and also things choose that, and to a most people, the song?s around looking for security. Our meaning goes further than that, for prison have the right to be the jail of self and also a human can come to be insecure and also paranoid if the doesn?t have a direction in his an individual life.?

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See thecurtains hangin’ in the window, in the evenin’ on a Friday nightA little light a-shinin’ through the window, allows me know everything is alright

Summer breeze, renders me feeling fine, blowing with the jasmine in my mindSummer breeze, renders me feeling fine, blowing with the jasmine in mine mind

See the document layin’ in the sidewalk, a small music indigenous the house next doorSo i walked on up to the doorstep, v the display screen and across the floor

Summer breeze, renders me feeling fine, blowing with the jasmine in my mindSummer breeze, renders me feel fine, blowing v the jasmine in mine mind

Sweet job of summer, the jasmine’s in bloomJuly is pull on up and playing her tuneAnd ns comehome froma hard day’s workAnd you’re waiting there, not a treatment in the worldSee the laugh a-waitin’ inthe kitchen, food cookin’ and the plates for twoFeel the arms that reach out to organize me, in the evening as soon as the job is through

Summer breeze, makes mefeel fine, punch throughthe jasminein mine mindSummer breeze, provides mefeel fine, punch throughthe jasmineinmy mind

Seals & Croft

To many, Seals & Croft’s version of the song was referred as among the most relentlessly appealing harmony rock anthems that the 1970s. It to be the perfect combo ~ above the radio, offering them the break they necessary to come to be successful.

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The tune was spanned by the rock-soulful Isley brother in 1974, consisted of in your album 3+3. It reached number sixty top top the pop Singles Charts, number 10 top top the R&B Singles Chart, and also number 16 on the UK singles chart. What to be different about this variation was that listeners couldn’t get enough of the 3 component harmonies, followed by the smooth etc solo.

Type O Negative

Type O negative gave the tune a little bit the a twist by make it, you guessed it, metal. The track was tape-recorded a little bit slower and also had some really doom metal sounds come it, making the to your 1993 album, Bloody Kisses. The variation was featured in the opening credits that the 1997 fear movie, “I recognize What you Did last Summer” which do the tune even an ext popular.