This method that your Brother maker experienced a interactions error when sending or receiving a FAX. This is generally caused by either interference on the line, phone line connection or another machine on the line.Try resending the documents and also see if the message no longer appears.If the article still appears, there might be a difficulty with the way the Brother machine is associated or girlfriend may have a bad telephone line. Disconnect any type of other tools on the telephone line, i.e. Answering machine, modem, extra telephones, switching devices, adapters, etc. Make sure the telephone heat is linked directly indigenous the jack (socket) top top the Brother an equipment labeled "Line" come the telephone wall surface jack (socket).Try resending again. If the transmission is successful, the problem was created by the connection of the Brother an equipment and the other gadgets on the line. Reconnect the other pieces of equipment one in ~ a time to watch which is bring about the problem. If the error proceeds to appear on the report, try connecting the Brother an equipment to a different telephone heat or have actually the line checked by the call company.
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Users hand-operated - English - web page 3
... Tips, and also go to the "Solutions" ar to learn exactly how to acquire instant answer to any type of fax
machine.This system is our one-stop resource for all her Fax Machine/ Multi-Function center needs.Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)The Brother Solutions facility is obtainable 24 hrs a day, 7 job a week.Service Centers (Canada Only) because that service...

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Users manual - English - page 4
... SuppliesIMPORTANTFor technical and operational assistance, you have to be do from Brother
. (In the USA, you purchased the machine. For finest quality outcomes use just genuine Brother accessories, accessible at most Brother retailers. Ii O R D E R i N G A C C E S S O R i E S A N D S U p P L i E S Optional because that FAX-4100and FAX-4750e)PCI-3CD (For CD-ROM Drive)* Multi-Function Link® Pro...
Users manual - English - web page 13
...For USA Only) ....1-2To finish Your FAX
-4100, FAX-4750e orFAX-5750e it is registered On-Line (For USA Only) ....... 1-2Control Panel rundown 1-3About Fax Machines 1-5Custom features 1-5Do You have Voice mail on the Phone line 1-5Why should There Be problem 1-5How can You Avoid possible Problems 1-5Fax Tones and also Handshake 1-6ECM (Error Correction setting 1-62Assembly and...
Users hand-operated - English - page 21
....boldface italicsbubble dotBold typeface identify a specific vital on the LCD of the LCD messages. NoteNotes tell friend the proper solution for to buy a Brother
fax machine.1 development 1Using This ManualThank you because that a situation that are listed in the Table that Contents. Italics typeface emphasize an important point, or to express you...
Users manual - English - page 25
... Answered.Another way to stop a feasible problem
is draft to job-related in tandem v each of discovering which is important to replace your fax machine native receiving calls. Why have to There it is in Trouble? your Brother fax machine is come remember the Voice Mail and the fax machine will answer first. Since both fax machines and also Voice Mail pick up the...
Users manual - English - web page 75
Users hands-on - English - web page 83
... A problem
in the procedure of the call company"s Distinctive Ring service. Keep in mind You should purchase your telephone company"s Distinctive Ring service prior to you regimen the Brother machine to ...Your fax machine supports the Distinctive Ring and also Caller id telephone services offered by Brother to determine a phone agency service that enables you to use your machine to receiving just faxes. ...
Users manual - English - page 84
... Registered. You can change or release the Distinctive Ring pattern at any type of time. Ns The fax
machine will answer just calls come the pattern the Voice Mail and the fax machine will certainly ring.)I The first two ring are shown in the Brother compatibility table listed below to RegisterYou can register just one Distinctive Ring sample with...
Users manual - English - web page 87
... Fax
machine whereby faxes will be forwarded. Programming a Fax Forwarding NumberWhen Fax Forwarding is set to ON, your machine stores the received fax in memory, climate dials the fax number you"ve programmed, and forwards the fax message.1 press Menu, 2, 5, 1.1.FAX FWD/PAGING2 press or until the LCD showsFAX FORWARD and then press Set.3 The screen prompts you come 20...
Users manual - English - web page 92
... Dial pad, enter the number (up to 20
digits) that the far fax machine (up to 20 digits)where you want your fax messages forwarded, adhered to by # #. Transforming Fax Forwarding NumberYou can change the default setting of her fax forwarding number from a far fax machine.1 Dial her fax number. 2 as soon as your machine answers, immediately enter your Remote Retrieval AccessCode...
Users hand-operated - English - web page 107
... Reset. CHECK file SIZEWhen you need additional help, call the Brother
fax-back system.In USA Only:1-800-521-2846Error MessagesError MessageCauseActionCHANGE drum SOONThe drum unit is no in the paper cassette.CONNECTION failure The fax machine friend polled is near the finish of paper or file is not...
Users manual - English - page 108
... Answer or is not programmed.MACHINE
ERROR The machine has a mechanicalXXproblem. NO response / BUSYThe number you readoriginal was not totally Close the front cover for the drumPLS close COVER closed.You need to wait and enable the machine to fax or receive again or callmachine terminated the callBrother Customer business at:In...
Users manual - English - web page 109
... Cartridge now.T R O U B l E S H O O T i N G A N D R O U T i N E M A i N T E N A N C E 13 - 3Pleasecall Brother
Customer business andtell lock the Machine Error numberat:In USA:1-800-284-4329In Canada: 1-877-BROTHERIn Montreal: (514) 685-6464The document is blinking, you that the toner will displayMACHINE ERROR XX. If the machine can not resetitself and return...
Users hands-on - English - web page 112
... Fax
machine and also respond through the sending machine. Lines You may mistakenly interpret particular voices or music on the faxes friend receive. Inspect the table below and follow the troubleshooting tips. If the copy look at bad, clean the scanner area. If there is perfect for the paper you room missing. If the problem continues, contact Brother...
Users manual - English - web page 114
... No custom features is usual to the machine
. Once your machine answers, hang up the machine handset or answer indigenous an extension phone and then press your machine"s remote Activation password (default setup is #51). Brother"s ECM feature should help overcome this problem.Pick up . I N T E N A N C E If friend have challenge transferring a fax call is crucial to answer the...
Users hands-on - English - web page 132
... Escape indigenous the fax
machine during any kind of financial or other responsibilities that the equipment does not develop hazardous laser radiation. This product complies with your machine, contact Brother client Service. (See Brother Numbers, web page i)WARNING for protection versus the danger of user operation. If you endure trouble with your FAX-4100, FAX-4750e or FAX-5750e, you re welcome contact...
Users hand-operated - English - page 137
... Originals, by heat noise or static. Communication error
(or Comm. Caller identifier A organization purchased native the Telephone agency that a fax machine is calling. Error) one error throughout automatic infection to tell the receiving machine that allows you press a vital or make when they are received and stored in one original. Your Brother machine is assured between ITU-T Groups.All...
Users manual - English - page 138
... Be sent on an existing phone line.The Brother
machine provides the brand-new number to an additional preprogrammed fax number. ECM (Error convey Mode) Detects errors during fax transmission and also automatically resends the page(s) that is a programmable feature.Fax Forwarding sends out a fax received in storage to simulate a dedicated fax line.Help list By pressing the Reports key and 1, you...
Users manual - English - web page 150
...-1 entering text 4-4 error
messages on file 5-3 retrieving from a remote site 9-6 sending 6-5 automatically fax redial 6-2 automatic transmission 6-2 broadcast 7-6 canceling jobs in real time 6-3 hands-on transmission 6-2 overseas 6-9 polling 6-11 resolution 6-5 timer for delayed sending 6-9 utilizing 5-5 outside answering machine 2-11 external telephone connecting 2-10Ffax codes Fax get Code...

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Quick Setup overview - English - page 1
... Brand-new FAX
MACHINE PERFORMS SO countless TASKS v DAZZLING RESULTS! If you carry out not disclose it now.10 set Station IDTo publish your fax number, and also then push Set. Enter your demands by pushing the Mode switch repeatedly till it come Brother at: 1-877-268-9575Continue to light for you cannot resolve a problem...