The United says invades Panama in an effort to overthrow military dictator Manuel Noriega, who had been indicted in the United says on drug trafficking charges and was accused the suppressing democracy in Panama and also endangering U.S. Nationals. Noriega’s Panamanian Defense pressures (PDF) were promptly crushed, forcing the dictator to look for asylum through the Vatican anuncio in Panama City, where he surrendered ~ above January 3, 1990.

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In 1970, Noriega, a rising number in the Panamanian military, to be recruited through the central Intelligence company (CIA) to assist in the U.S. Struggle against the spread of communism in central America. Noriega became involved in medicine trafficking and in 1977 was eliminated from the CIA payroll. ~ the Marxist Sandinista government concerned power in 1979, Noriega was brought earlier into the CIA fold. In 1983, he become military dictator the Panama.

Noriega supported U.S. Campaigns in central America and in revolve was praised by the White House, also though a Senate committee break up in 1983 that Panama to be a major center for medicine trafficking. In 1984, Noriega cursed fraud in Panama’s presidential choice in favor of Nicolás Ardito Barletta, who became a puppet president. Still, Noriega delighted in the ongoing support that the Reagan administration, which valued his help in its initiatives to fall Nicaragua’s Sandinista government.

In 1986, simply months before the outbreak of the Iran-Contra affair, allegations developed concerning Noriega’s as a medicine trafficker, money launderer, and also CIA employee. Most shocking, however, were reports that Noriega had acted together a double agent for Cuba’s intelligence agency and the Sandinistas. The U.S. Federal government disowned Noriega, and in 1988 he was indicted by federal grand juries in Tampa and also Miami on drug-smuggling and also money-laundering charges.

Tensions in between Americans in the Panama Canal Zone and Noriega’s Panamanian Defense forces grew, and in 1989 the dictator annulled a presidential election the would have made guillermo Endara president. President George H. Shrub ordered additional U.S. Troops to the Panama Canal Zone, and also on December 16 an off-duty U.S. Marine was shot to fatality at a PDF roadblock. The next day, President shrub authorized “Operation just Cause”–the U.S. Intrusion of Panama to overthrow Noriega.

On December 20, 9,000 U.S. Troops joined the 12,000 U.S. Military personnel already in Panama and were met through scattered resistance from the PDF. Through December 24, the PDF was crushed, and the united States held most the the country. Endara was made president by U.S. Forces, and he notified the PDF dissolved. On January 3, Noriega was arrested by U.S. Drug Enforcement agency agents.

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The U.S. Invasion of Panama expense the stays of just 23 U.S. Soldiers and three U.S. Civilians. Some 150 PDF soldiers were killed along with an approximated 500 Panamanian civilians. The organization of American States and the european Parliament both official protested the invasion, which they condemned together a flagrant violation of international law.

In 1992, Noriega was found guilty top top eight counts of drug trafficking, racketeering, and money laundering, marking the first time in background that a U.S. Jury convicted a foreign leader of criminal charges. He was sentenced to 40 year in commonwealth prison, however after extradition to and incarceration in Panama, died in a Panama City hospital on may 29, 2017.