Neil Young videotaped the After The gold Rush album after the Déjà Vu tour with his band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, a taxing trek that fractured the band. "Only Love deserve to Break your Heart" was rumored to be about Steven Stills, who alienated his bandmates by referring to them as his "back-up singers" ~ above stage, yet Young later on admitted the was about one of his other bandmates, Graham Nash, who was heartbroken after breaking up v Joni Mitchell.

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Young"s former bandmate Steven Stills is one of plenty of to sheathe this song, releasing the on his 1984 album Right through You. Other noteworthy covers space by Jackie DeShannon, Elkie Brooks, Rickie Lee Jones, and also Florence and also The Machine.
In Shakey, Jimmy McDonough writes that Young"s very own sheet music for this song has a lay out of Young in the "70s, the archetypal "forlorn, lonely troubadour with a guitar." "With the massive success of his past two albums and the work with CSN," McDonough writes, "Young had produced a persona that would prove so indelible some would certainly never recognize him together anything else."
The English tape Saint Etienne had actually a struggle in 1990 v their cover version of this song. The peaked in ~ #39 top top the UK Singles Chart and two year later became the group"s just entry in the us Billboard hot 100, once it reached #97. Pete Wiggs of St Etienne recalled come Q magazine July 2012 about their version: "The main reaction from the Neil camp was, He has heard it. Not exactly ringing praise." he added: "(BBC Radio 1 DJ) Nicky Campbell as soon as smashed our variation live on wait on his radio show. He was so outraged by what we"d done."
Young carry out this on the 1970 Déjà Vu tour v Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young months prior to it was released. ~ above this tour, that was usual for every member to carry out a solo song - castle would occasionally perform every other"s songs.

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David indigenous Huntington Beach, CaThis is mainly an acoustic album. (I refer to Paul) It has Southern Man and When You dance I deserve to really Love, however still it is pretty lot an acosutic album.David indigenous Huntington Beach, CaOne that those songs that uses Neil"s love breaking voice come it"s fullest...Joni from brand-new York, NyA really touching song. It practically made me cry. It"s monster to choose this type of music and also hear human being talking around the civilization involved. Ns was called for Joni Mitchell. Guilliermo from brand-new York, NyWHEN YOU dance I have the right to REALLY LOVE is no an acoustic track eitherFrank native Westminster, ScEvery time i hear his vocals top top this song, i wonder: Is it possible that Neil Young and Olive Oyl were separated at birth?David native , CaI always thought he was singing around himself. It"s funny that even though this is lyrically one of his an ext straightforward song it is tho ambiguous. If everyone has quotes from or a link to the interview where Neil discusses this track I"d like to read it.Fyodor indigenous Denver, CoI wonder why it was about Graham Nash? was it once Joni Mitchell dumped him?Robert native Trumbull, CtGene Pitney had a hit through a different song v this title in the early 60"sStefanie Magura from rock Hill, ScGood point Paul. "Southern Man" is top top this album.Paul indigenous Toledo, OhThe entire album after ~ THE GOLDRUSH is not acoustic. Why do I store hearing this? one of Young"s best electric song"s SOUTHERN man was released on this album.Dave from Cardiff, WalesUK indie faves St. Etienne did a covering of this tune in 1990 - no as an excellent as the original, thoughJason from Milton, CanadaThis tune is in reality the 3rd song on the ~ the Goldrush.see much more comments

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