Remember the time you lent me her car and also I dented it?I thought you"d death me...But friend didn"t.Remember the moment I forgot come tell girlfriend the run wasformal, and also you came in jeans?I thought you"d dislike me...But you didn"t.Remember the time I"d flirt withother boys simply to make you jealous, andyou were?I believed you"d drop me...But you didn"t.There were plenty of points you go to placed up with me,to store me happy, to love me, and also there areso plenty of things I want to tellyou once you returned fromVietnam...But girlfriend didn"t.

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by Daniel 2 years back

This touch me since the other man was so nice come the one that made a most mistakes. That was additionally sad. And kind that sad. I love this poem however did not like the sad part.

through Charlie Bynar 2 years earlier

The expecting the a love one to come home, to come out of their bedroom, to come and have coffee with you, to contact you, to text you, come walk in the forest with you like all the other times, yet they didn"t, lock don"t... It"s one emptiness the no one deserve to understand uneven that have waked that path. It"s a course that starts the very same every day... You have actually coffee alone and they don"t come from their bedroom come tell you about some idea they had. The residence is quiet, other than the dogs barking.

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by Mirsini Tsapanidou 2 years ago

Okay therefore I had read this poem a year ago, and also now the I have been analysis Leo Buscaglia"s "Live, Love, Learn," he had written this poem saying that a student of his, that wished to stay anonymous, provided it come him and also let him incorporate it in his book. He defined how this city underlines the prestige of doing every little thing you want to execute today and not wait for tomorrow, and also I totally agree through him.