Vanilla extract is frequently used in baking as a flavouring. Not only does it include a pleasantly sweet aroma, yet it additionally enhances every flavours that the mixture that is included to.

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Vanilla extract usually has a dark brown colour, however artificial vanilla extract can likewise be clear.

Vanilla extract is made from the seed pods of the vanilla orchid. This beans later go v a long procedure of blanching, fermenting and conditioning, after which they are soaked in a systems of ethanol and water. This is called the extraction process, the an outcome of i beg your pardon is vanilla extract (1).

The key compound the is responsible for vanilla extract’s characteristics is referred to as vanillin. Pure vanilla extract has natural vanillin, and many various other components, whereas synthetic vanilla extract is made totally out that artificially acquired synthetic vanillin. However, synthetic vanillin is chemically similar to its organic counterpart.


Vanilla is only supplied in small amounts, but it can include nutrients to the final product, slightly altering its nutritional value.

Depending on even if it is the vanilla extract is natural or artificial, as well as the conditions of that is production, the nutritional value might change.

A offer size of vanilla extract is the typical amount the this flavouring the is included to recipes and it is same to 4.2g or one teaspoon.

Macronutrients and also Calories

Being liquid, 53% that vanillin extract is composed of water, with an additional 34% consist of of ethyl alcohol or ethanol.

Calories in Vanilla Extract

One teaspoon or a serving dimension of vanilla extract contains around 12 calories.

Carbohydrates in Vanilla Extract

Carbohydrates consist of for around 13% that vanilla extract. This way one teaspoon of vanilla extract consists of around fifty percent a gram that carbohydrates.

The carbohydrate composition is fully made of sugars and also contains no dietary fiber.

Nonetheless, pure vanilla extract, without added sugars, does no contain carbohydrates.

Protein in Vanilla Extract

The protein content in vanilla extract is negligible, as a 100g of vanilla extract consists of only 0.06g of protein.

Fats in Vanilla Extract

The fat contents of vanilla extract is also insignificant. Vanilla extract, naturally, does no contain cholesterol or infectious diseases world fashion fats.


Vanilla extract is not very rich in vitamins. It has moderate level of vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B1 and B5.

However, vanilla extract totally lacks vitamin D, vitamin A, both folic acid and folate develops of vitamin B9, vitamin K, vitamin B12, vitamins E and C.


Vanilla extract is reasonably high in manganese. It additionally contains moderate to low quantities of copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and also phosphorus. That does no contain selenium.

Vanilla extract is low in sodium.

Glycemic Index

A particular number has not been calculated because that vanilla extract’s glycemic index, yet it is low.


As around 90% of vanilla extract consists of water and alcohol, its mountain is near neutral, definition the pH is approximately 7.

The mountain of vanilla extract based upon potential renal acid pack (PRAL) has actually been calculated to be -3.3, making that alkaline. PRAL shows the volume of base or acid production of the food, inside the person body.

You can additionally have a look in ~ our nutrition infogrpahic and the charts below

Vanilla extract nutrition infographic


Weight loss & Diets

Vanilla extract all at once consists largely of water and also alcohol, as such is very short in calories. An median amount of vanilla extract the is usually supplied in recipes is one teaspoon, i m sorry contains practically no fats and only fifty percent a gram the carbohydrates.

Vanilla extract have the right to be used as a organic sweetener rather of white sugar for civilization trying to shed weight. In comparison to white sugar, vanilla extract has actually a much lower glycemic table of contents and around 8 times less carbohydrates.

Here us will discuss how vanilla extract fits in some diets.


Vanilla extract can it is in used as a carb-free sweetener top top this diet. However, you need to be careful when picking vanilla extract to use on a keto diet, as part vanilla extract has added sugars in the (2).


Vanilla extract is short in sodium. That is acceptable top top the DASH diet.


You deserve to use vanilla extract top top the Atkins diet (3). Short or no carbohydrate vanilla extract is preferred.


Even though vanilla flowers are not aboriginal to the Mediterranean areas, the modern Mediterranean diet often contains vanilla extract.


Artificial vanilla extract is not paleo friendly (4). However, homemade, sugar-free vanilla extract through organic alcohol deserve to be considered acceptable ~ above this diet.

Vegan/ Vegetarian/ Pescetarian

As vanilla extract is a plant product, the is normally acceptable in vegan, vegetarian and pescetarian diets.


Vanilla extract can be offered on this diet, specifically if that is sugar-free.

Intermittent Fasting

As many foods, you can use vanilla extract during the eat periods, but refrain from it during the eating periods.

Low Fat & short Calorie

Vanilla extract consists of 12 calories every teaspoon and almost no fats, therefore that fits in both low fat and also low calorie diets.

Low Carb

One teaspoon of vanilla extract contains about a gram the carbohydrates. However, you have the right to make homemade pure vanilla extract without included sugars.

Anti Inflammatory

Vanilla extract has actually been studied to own antioxidant qualities (5), as such it have the right to be provided on an anti inflammatory diet.

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Vanilla extract walk not have actually a significant effect ~ above the cradle system, so the is acceptable to use on a BRAT diet.