If making use of a hair straightener is part of your daily beauty routine, you can be asking yourself, have the right to you take it a hair straightener top top a plane? Or if you like curls, deserve to you take it a curling steel in bring on luggage? and can you carry a hairdryer on a plane?

Well, never ever fear, you don’t need to sacrifice your hairstyle come travel bring on only. Read on for answers to whether you can take hair straighteners in hand luggage, plus details on level irons and also hair dryers.


Note: This short article is created referencing TSA rule for travel from airports in the USA. Some nations may have different rules, for this reason if you’re flying from an airport in another country, please look increase the rules for the authority in the country.

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So have the right to you take hair straighteners in hand luggage?

I gain this question a lot: can you bring a hair straightener ~ above a plane? and also I totally understand, you desire to be able to style your hair when traveling as with you would certainly at home.

Luckily the price is yes, you can carry a hair straightener in your bring on bag. If you’re traveling through checked luggage, you deserve to pack your hair straightener there together well.

Since you might have to fill your bag in the morning best after making use of your hair straightener, i recommend pass a wash towel or tiny hand towel come wrap your hair straightener. That way you’re not putting it straight into her luggage while it’s quiet hot, which can burn your clothing or various other items in your bag.

Does your hair straightener have a butane cartridge? This it s okay a little an ext tricky to travel with, for this reason see below for an ext details.

If you’re travel internationally, you need to be conscious of differences in voltage and plug styles. Read listed below for much more info.

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Search for dual voltage hair straighteners top top Amazon.

Can you lug a hair dryer in carry on luggage?

I know what it’s prefer to acquire stuck through those horrible hotel hair dryers the look like vacuum cleaner hoses and barely dry your hair. Therefore you could be wondering, have the right to you lug a hairdryer top top a plane?

Just choose with the hair straighteners, you deserve to take a hair dryer in carry on bags. You can likewise pack your hair dryer in checked luggage if you’re not going bring on only.

Hair dryers are the bulkiest hair styling appliance, and the one most most likely to be noted at her hotel, therefore you could want to take into consideration leaving yours off her packing checklist.

Yes, I do hate taking care of those subpar blow dryers hotels occasionally provide! therefore it’s a decision you need to make based on how much an are you have in your luggage and also whether you’re willing to simply make it job-related with whatever the hotel has.

If you’re traveling internationally, you have to be conscious of differences in voltage and plug styles. Read listed below for more info.

Search for twin voltage hair dryers on Amazon.

Can you bring a curling steel on a plane?

Maybe you like curling your typically straight locks, or probably you’re traveling because that a sophisticated event. For this reason you could be questioning yourself if you have the right to take her curling stole in lug on luggage.

Just like with the straighteners and hair dryer, the prize is yes. Curling irons can additionally be pack in checked bags if you’re traveling with a little an ext luggage.

Remember to pack a wash fabric or tiny hand towel come wrap her curling iron. Like I mentioned above with bringing her hair straightener in hand luggage, you want to make certain your hot curling stole doesn’t damage your clothing or other materials of her bag.

It’s constantly best to fill it once it’s cooled down, however if that’s not an option, this wash cloth trick is the next ideal thing.

Does her curling iron have a butane cartridge? review on for more about this exemption to taking a curling steel in carry on.

If you’re travel internationally, you have to be conscious of distinctions in voltage and also plug styles. Read listed below for more info.

Search for double voltage curling irons top top Amazon.

Can you carry hair curlers or warm rollers in your lug on?

Some that you have asked around whether friend can bring hair curlers or warm rollers on a plane.

You’re in luck! The prize is yes, warm rollers and also hair curlers are allowed on a plane. You deserve to pack her hair curlers or hot rollers in your cabin baggage or your confirm baggage.

But you re welcome wait until they have actually cooled down prior to packing them. You don’t desire to coincidentally burn your clothes or various other belongings.

Can you take it a butane hair straightener or a butane curling stole on airplanes?

Some hair straighteners and also curling irons have a butane cartridge. The appeal below is the they space cordless, however the butane cartridge renders it a little more complicated when bringing your curling iron or hair straightener top top a plane.

According come TSA, butane hair straighteners and curling irons space not allowed in checked luggage, yet they are enabled in lug on luggage as lengthy as there is a safety and security cover to stop accidental activation due to the fact that they room a fire hazard.

Here’s the specific quote indigenous the TSA site:

“Cordless curling irons containing a gas cartridge and also butane fueled curling irons are allowed in carry-on bags only. A security cover need to be securely fitted over the heater element.

The maker must be protected from inadvertently activation. Gas refills (spare cartridges) are not permitted in either confirm or carry-on bags.”

I’ve check out that it’s agree to separate the cartridge from the curling iron or level iron, but TSA doesn’t point out this on their site. Be aware that the last decision is always with the TSA agent.

Will your hair straightener, hair dryer, and also curling iron work when travel internationally?

Voltage and plug layout are two different things you must be aware of as soon as traveling to various other countries.

Before you load your bags, I have a warning around traveling v your favorite hair styling appliance.

There could be electrical problems with utilizing your appliance abroad. Various parts the the human being use different voltages, which means your hair dryer and also straightener and also curling iron could not be compatible.

Your best option is to purchase a double voltage appliance.

For example, the US electrical system supplies 110 voltage, while the European device is 220. Having a twin voltage hair straightener means you can switch the voltage between 110 or 220 relying on where you space in the world.

Do you need a take trip plug adapter? Or a voltage converter?

If friend don’t have actually a twin voltage appliance, girlfriend would need a converter. A converter would switch the voltage in stimulate to protect against frying your appliance, blowing a fuse in the building, or even risking a fire.

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Will her hair dryer job-related overseas?

When you’re traveling abroad with any type of electrical device, you might need a plug adapter to make sure your plug fits into the wall socket.

For example, the US and Canada usage the exact same plug layout as main American countries, but the plugs in Europe are different. Also within Europe, the UK uses a various plug format from most of the remainder of the continent.

A plug adapter will not transform electricity, but these days, many things the don’t warm up transform on your own, so your laptop and phone charger need to be well with just an adapter.

Any appliance the heats up, like a hair straightener, curling iron, or hair dryer, could not duty as well also if it’s twin voltage or when using a converter. Some also have warnings the you have to use the lower setup when traveling abroad.

Hopefully this short article answers all her questions about bring curling irons, hair straighteners, and also hair dryers in lug on!