You are off on critical trip by air because that a service meeting, or a social occasion, and also naturally desire to watch your best but as it is just an overnight pilgrimage you don’t want to take it a confirm bag. So, you require to recognize if you can carry your hair straighteners, additionally known together a flat iron, in your lug on.

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The TSA advise that you have the right to take electric hair straighteners in bring on and likewise put lock in your confirm luggage. Gas it is provided hair straighteners have the right to only be carried in your hand luggage, not in checked luggage.

Great news together you can ensure that you remain at your most presentable if you are away.


You will more than likely need to purchase a travel adapter for this reason you have the right to charge or use your devices, including hair straighteners, when traveling overseas.

The most renowned is the Ceptics people Travel power Adapter – 3 USB Ports wall Charger kind I C G A Outlets 110V 220V A/C – 5V D/C – EU Euro us UK. This will enable you to plug your tools into sockets overseas. It additionally has 3 USB sockets to fee phones, laptops, tablets and so on without taking a various one because that each.

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One more thing you should be conscious of is that most US gadgets operate ~ above 110 volts, whereas in many other nations they usage 220-240 volts. Now numerous devices these days space designed to operate on double voltage for this reason they will occupational anywhere. However this is not always the instance so friend should inspect the specification of her hair straighteners to be sure otherwise you may arrive in ~ your location may not occupational or might potentially it is in dangerous to use.

Other hair connected items

The rules regarding carrying other tools and products you might use for her hair are as follows:

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