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Zicam + Dayquil?
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5th in march 2009, 05:17 PM

Since Giraffe said clinical advice is ok... Walk anyone view a trouble with using Zicam and also Dayquil together? One is an edible tablet computer and one is a homeopathic zinc sleep swab. Any potential conflicts? I have actually a bitch the a cold; mine nose has actually been running non protect against for the critical 48 hours. I"m hoping the two of lock together deserve to stop this mess.

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5th in march 2009, 05:22 PM
Not a doctor, however I don"t see just how it would be a problem.For the record, as lengthy as your going homeopathic, I"ve always had an excellent luck with Orange Juice once I have a cold.Oh, and Adderall. Adderall will make you unaware the you even have a cold.
Other than reports of civilization who had actually adverse results from Zicam, consisting of those who case that it damaged their sense of smell and also doctors who say that the link between high sheep of zinc in the nose and also anosmia has been known due to the fact that 1938, there"s really tiny reason to think the anything in it would certainly cause any other form of harm.Zinc itself doesn"t seem come have any kind of properties the would cause interference through Dayquil, for this reason I"d think that"s the the very least of the comes to with using Zicam, and also in truth it is normal to ingest part amount the zinc in the diet.

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Thanks for the replies, all. I did uncover the information around anosmia; I"ve just taken it twice however so far my sense of smell is intact. Muchas gracias.I went ahead and also took castle together. If i die, I"ll let friend know.
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