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Genre: Simulation, space Combat sim Developer: Lucas arts Publisher: Nintendo ESRB Rating: teen Release Date: December 31, 1998

Imperial Star fighters are much better because theyhave more thick bullets, so if they space thicker,they have an ext of a opportunity to take down a ship!

On Moff Serdon"s Revenge destroy a blackrectangular structure pretty close to thebeginning that the mission and a yellow squarecomes out. Then fly through it and you haveseeker cluster missiles.

In the fight of Taloraan, there is among those one-of-a-kind boxes in the middle of the city right before the last group of tibanna gas containers. Trip through it and also then complete the mission and also you will certainly have progressed lasers the following time you play the level.

In the imperial Constuction Yards mission, blowup the bunkers close to the TIE platforms. In one awierd orange thing will popular music out. Fly into it andfinish the mission, and also you will have AdvancedBombs.

In the Jade Moon level, fly directly to the west.(Watch out for missle launchers and also turbolasers.)You"ll watch a structure guarded by a misslelauncher. Ruin it and also then ruin thebuilding. You should see a yellow and also orangething. Fly right into it, and next time you execute a levelyou"ll have advanced shields.

In the Corellia Mission, fly with the city,completing the objectives until after girlfriend rescueCrix Madine. Together you fly earlier towards theGovernment Center, you"ll fly v a secludedsection of the city crawling v stormtroopers.Fly down in the direction of the middle of the city. (This ishard because of the speeder you"re in.) Youshould se a weird yellow and also orange thing. Flyinto it and also you"ll recieve progressed protontorpedoes. Finish the level and also you"ll havethem next time you choose the level.

First, win the video game 5 times. Then you willhave a brand-new ship. V the ship, beat the gameagain. Then when you pick a level, it will say:"DO YOU want TO execute A secret LEVEL?" select yes.NOTE: You will get brand-new ships too.

Earn a bronze medal or much better in all objectives to paris a T-16 Skyhopper v Beggar"s Canyon on Tatooine.

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Enter "FARMBOY" as a passcode. If you gone into the password correctly, R2-D2 will make a high pitch sound.