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I cound not find the transmission dipstick on my 2010 T&C. If over there is no dipstick, then just how do you check the fluid level.

I am presuming you have actually a 6 speed transmission. Native the owners manual:All six–speed transaxles room equipped through a cappeddipstick tube. It is sealed and should not be tamperedwith. Your authorized dealer has actually the vital tools toensure the the fluid level is collection properly.
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I cound not find the transmission dipstick on mine 2010 T&C. If over there is no dipstick, then exactly how do you inspect the fluid level.
They don"t have actually one therefore the novice DIYer can"t overfill it or put in the wrong infection fluid. Inspect your Owner hand-operated as per previous Post. The manual transmission on my Jeep has no dipstick either and also I never obtain under that to eliminate the plug to check the level. I do examine for leaks periodically. Just check for leaks and you need to be fine.
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Hi jjudy75 ns asked the same question 2 years back please see listed below

Well, I"ve check out the referenced thread and I will add that I dislike that the doesn"t have actually a dipstick.With the reputation Chrysler vans have actually for eating transmissions, ns would have thought lock would have added more instrumentation, fairly than acquisition away the one item of info the tranny can give an owner. (I have actually a M-B without an engine dipstick, however it has actually a readout top top the dashboard come tell girlfriend oil level).My tranny is moving strangely and also I can"t even examine the level ! I need to take it come the dealership, leave it through them every day, kinds rides to and also from, as soon as it may just be a tiny low. Mine 2c
You can"t
You Can"t. The dealer has to hook it approximately the computer and check fluid levels. You won"t even notification a problem until it; starts shifting difficult slips out of gear or in seriously cold weather below 10 deg"s won"t transition at all.Also has serious prob"s w/ leaky trans cooler lines too. Needs to be recalled. We bought ours second hand low mlg (Dealer) and it"s to be a nightmare. I hate THIS VAN. I understand why castle turned it in. FIAT fix It Again Tony.
Most of theses vehicles come without a dipstick. Your is a dipstick tool that is required!To inspect your fluid. You will require special directions to carry out so. The link below is to a ebay ad.THE direction ARE consisted of WITH THIS ADS Description. ( likewise this is the the very least expensive one i have uncovered --w/ cost-free shipping)

Most the theses vehicles come without a dipstick. Your is a dipstick device that is required!To examine your fluid. Girlfriend will need special directions to execute so. The link listed below is to a ebay ad.THE directions ARE included WITH THIS ADS Description. ( additionally this is the the very least expensive one i have discovered --w/ cost-free shipping)

Pretty certain he doesn"t treatment he is offering dip sticks. 3 posts all with web links to what is probably his eBay listing.
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Because that his only three posts with web links to one ebay listing, the seems like he is the seller.Looking at his ebay history, the ebay seller is fantastic seller.If you room the seller, girlfriend should short article on the seller section.Welcome to the forum, regardless!
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