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Ninjadoodle"s point-and-click puzzle game collection ClickPLAY Time is all about buttons and the click thereof, and ClickPLAY Time 4 is no different. The goal is to decipher every stage"s puzzle, it is in it golfing v a large whale or deciphering mismatched faces, and also clicking the play button you"re rewarded with for doing so. Some puzzles are less an innovative than others, such together codes or scrambles, so it"s a little bit of a shame that we gain them several times rather of much more imaginative point-and-click scenes, i m sorry is what the series does best. ~ above the various other hand, despite the an obstacle level is on the whole rather low, part stages carry out an unexpected challenge simply through being less straight-forward 보다 they appear. ClickPLAY Time 4 isn"t precisely a meaty challenge, but with the series" customary snappy soundtrack and also colourful presentation on optimal of a selection of puzzles, it uses a satisfying break of whimsical weirdness.

... And also poop jokes, ns guess.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Click the cloud to get it to move left.

Click the cloud again come rain on the golfer.

After the golfer has moved, click the golf ball on the whale.

Click the PLAY the pops up from the hole.

Click the four numbers to find the matching face (from previous Ninja Doodle games).

Guy in suit: monocled

Frankenstein monster: D: face

Bear: teeth and also drool

Girl: eyelashes

Click the PLAY the pops up.

Match the number listed below to the ? in the saying above it.

1 step at a time

3 strikes & you"re out

Takes 2 come tango

Being top top cloud 9


Click the PLAY that was under the sign.

Notice the helicopter paris by claims "Bones".

Click the helicopter as soon as it is over the dog"s island (left).

Now it says "Fish". Click as soon as it"s over the cat"s island (middle).

Now it says "Cheese". Click once it"s over the mouse"s island (right).

Click the PLAY that pops up end the cat"s house.

You have actually four screens (accessed v the arrows) to place 4 images on come tell a story.


"Baby, what"s wrong?!"

"I think I have to go number two"s mommy."

"That"s yes silly!..."

"Yup, there"s absolutely a hailstorm coming!"

Click the pat in the top right.

Using the images over each slot, pick the number the matches the image based upon the key (each section = 1).


Click the PLAY the appears.

9 - Speedos Prohibited

Click each swimmer to find the ones wearing speedos.

As you find each one, click the police van come lock them up.

The locations:

Use the lettered grid along with the fancy grid to ar the right numbers in each slot.

The much left grid has actually a green tab over it, so look at the environment-friendly colored network to uncover the best positions. Take it those positions out of the lettered grid and also unscramble the letter to uncover the exactly number.

There are 4 sets of diamonds the you deserve to rotate, and four diamonds within the you can additionally rotate (the bigger and also smaller arrows, respectively).

The score is to develop the PLAY arrow in the middle diamond area.

The parts you"ll need:

The inward encountering triangle from the left diamond to it is in pointing right.

The righthand number from the optimal diamond to it is in flipped under (it need to line up with the other parts).

The diamond shape from the right diamond.

The lefthand number from the bottom diamond.

Click each item based on the very first letter of the word for that item come spell other out.

You"ll be spelling:

Pull the light string come the appropriate to do the clue appear.

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Use the clue at the top and also the name of the level to figure out what to perform with the four sets of number presented.