RATING: 3 bayonets

Written by Esther and Bob Mitchell directed by young name McEveety

First aired 24-Mar-1964 episode 28 of Season 2


Unbeknownst to the squad, your newest replacement, Pvt. Orville Putnam, is just fifteen years old. Placing on a false front, "Putt" pushes away the squad and rebuffs Billy"s effort at friendship. The squad scoffs at his bravado and also his odd attention in collecting leaves. When tested under fire, Putt is unprepared emotionally and also panics as soon as his girlfriend Harvey is killed beside him. But in the end, his to crawl eye and botanical hobby conserve him and also the squad from snipers.


Beau Bridges stars as Putt in "The brief Day of private Putnam." as in "Mail Call," this is a formation story, highlighting the squad"s cohesiveness. As soon as you obtain past the premise, it is a very entertaining story. As in "Rear Echelon Commandos," the formation is saved by a skill they an initial scoffed at.

Tom Lowell took pleasure in the episode since of Beau Bridges. Gibbs of his own period only rarely appeared on Combat! "Dennis Robertson, Beau Bridges, or somebody like that," says Lowell, "came along every once in awhile. The irony, that course, is in WWII, they were every young kids."

The premise, that a fifteen-year-old is not emotionally equipped for war, has tiny historical basis. Transparent history, teenage boys (and girls) have lugged arms and also fought heroically. In spite of the comfortable mid-life look to the Combat! squad, world War II was dealt with largely through teens. Stack Jason, prick Peabody, and Shecky Greene were all in their teens when they served in WWII. Fifteen to be young by WWII standards, (though a few "men" that that age did serve gallantly), soldiers of the age and younger were staples of earlier armies. Part military historians think teens are far better suited come war, because they have less principle of their very own mortality and, unequal adults, they can be persuaded that they choose it.


The Germans snipers stay U.S. Army camouflage jackets. Hanley"s radioman it s okay the speak to signs reversed, speak "Checkmate King Two, this is White Rook." yet in the next transmission, he gets it right.


Tom Lowell: "I had no idea that would be my last episode. At the moment we to be still in negotiations because that the contract. And also Gene Levitt simply wouldn"t budge. I felt badly about it, however at the time my outside career to be doing real well."


Rick Jason together Lt. Hanley Vic Morrow together Sgt.

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Beau Bridges as Orville Putnam Jack Hogan as Kirby Conlan Carter together Doc Pierre Jalbert together Caje penis Peabody as Littlejohn Tom Lowell together Nelson v Robert Sampson together Harvey and with Lilyan Chauvin together Fauvette

Charles Francisco together Sgt. Darden (uncredited) Paul Busch together Gunner (uncredited) Richard Tretter as Ambulance Driver (uncredited)