10 Most powerful Multiverse execution of Superman There have been plenty of different version of Superman end the years. I m sorry multiverse variants that the DC Comics legend are the strongest?

Superman has constantly been a polarizing character because that fans. Some love that while others hate him. Those that hate him will generally write him off as boring, unrelatable, or ridiculously overpowered. Yes, it"s simple to see just how a human who is essentially indestructible, possesses few weaknesses, and also rarely it s okay knocked down can be considered boring. On the other hand, however, Superman embodies all the humanity can achieve, making him a hopeful motivation for a brighter future.

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Regardless that fans" opinions and attitudes towards the guy of Steel, it is impossible to argue versus the truth that he possesses an absurd lot of power. However, there room versions of him that possess even more powers and abilities than the one most world are familiar with. Let"s take it a watch at some of the the strongest versions that Superman native across DC’s multiverse.

DC’s Kingdom Come story observed a lot older variation of the Justice league reunite in order come take under a brand-new threat. Superman, in particular, was brought earlier from retirement with more than simply an awesome brand-new suit.

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While you would think the an older version of Superman would be weaker, his decelerated aging and extra time in the sun actually do him maintain his abilities. While no necessarily more powerful than consistent Superman, this older version of Clark have the right to hold his own just as easily, prove that age is but a number.

lot like the Kingdom Come version, Superman past is one older variation of the character with all the same powers. Set in the Batman Beyond Universe, this version of Clark supplies a the majority of the same characteristics as the original and continues to lead the future’s righteousness League. Recently, the comic publication version has been adjusted to display Superman’s son, Jon Kent, in the function of the male of Tomorrow.

While Clark may not be an ext powerful than his past self, it has always been implied the Jon could eventually surpass him. Furthermore, due to the fact that this is a futuristic version of Jon, it is easy to deduce the this version of Superman beyond would be much more powerful 보다 the previous.

Val Zod took over as Superman on planet 2 following the fatality of the original. Val was actually increased as a pacifist and continues come fight only once necessary. The is also agoraphobic, meaning that he has actually a are afraid of open spaces. Eventually, though, that is may be to conquer his fears and also take up the mantle that Superman.

While Val Zod possesses every one of the traditional powers the a Kryptonian under a yellow sun, he likewise has a genius-level intellect, make him every the more valuable. When Clark at times is shown to additionally be extremely smart, Val Zod’s level of intellect is always understood to it is in superior, providing him an advantage in any given situation.

7 Red Son

for those who are unfamiliar, Superman: Red son is a popular Superman story the explores what would occur if the character landing in Soviet Russia rather than Smallville, Kansas. This version of Superman grow up with a very high ranking in the Soviet Union, despite he proceeds to use his abilities because that (what he believes come be) good.

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This story provides for a really interesting interpretation and showcases a terrific battle the ideals in between Superman and also Lex. While this version of Superman holds all the exact same powers together the typical one once again, he eventually rises to come to be the head the the Soviet Union. While this Superman may not be more powerful physically, he wields a good amount of politics power, specifically considering the story’s time frame.

supervisor Soldier exist as part of the Amalgam Universe, i m sorry is a collaborative aircraft for Marvel and also DC to work-related together. In this case, supervisor Soldier is properly a combination of both Superman and also Captain America.

Super Soldier likewise possesses all powers and also abilities native both characters and wields Superman’s “S” shield insignia as his actual shield (not to mention his ridiculous costume). Furthermore, the super Soldier serum merged with the regular powers the Superman method that all common abilities between the two space enhanced. This method that supervisor Soldier is much stronger and faster than the regular version that Superman.

5 Ultraman

Ultraman is an interesting case since he has the potential to it is in both much stronger and also much weaker than the normal Superman. Ultraman lives on earth 3 (originally earth 2) where every little thing is opposite. This means that while good always triumphs on our world, evil always triumphs on his. Therefore, Ultraman is the perfect embodiment that evil.

However, he must constantly ingest Kryptonite if he wants to maintain his powers. Likewise, the an ext he eats, the stronger he becomes. There is no a continuous supply the Kryptonite, though, Ultraman will wither under to a weak, human-like form.

grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman series remains one of the most highly acclaimed Superman story to date. Interestingly enough, while most writers try to uncover a means to depower or weaken Superman in stimulate to make him vulnerable, Morrison actually made him much stronger.

After saving astronauts native a mission gone awry close to the sun, Superman’s cells prosper at a quick rate, making him stronger yet effectively providing him cancer. Throughout the story, Superman explores his final days, growing all the much more powerful, yet ever before closer to death. All-Star Superman cleverly reinterprets the character and also makes because that an emotional Superman story with an equally interesting ending.

3 Superboy Prime

Superboy Prime has caused a lot of trouble because that DC personalities throughout the years. His turbulent emotions and unpredictable nature combined with all the powers of Superman and none that the weaknesses make the a very huge threat. Superboy Prime actually hails native the real world, where personalities like Superman and Batman are nothing more than comic publication characters.

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After gift transported here during the crisis on boundless Earths story, he has actually been a major nuisance since. Superboy prime not only possesses an ext abilities than normal Superman but also fewer weaknesses. Superboy Prime’s abilities match those that the familiar Superman, plus magic immunity, mimicry immunity, and also even Kryptonite immunity. Through so couple of weaknesses, the only major way to protect against him is come deprive and drain him of solar radiation, easily making him one of the more powerful execution of Superman.

Unfortunately, Cosmic Armor Superman has had actually very couple of appearances, only showing up during the Final dilemm storyline by provide Morrison. V that in mind, he has actually still proven come be one of the most an effective variants that the personality in the multiverse. Developed using the an unified forces the the key Superman and Ultraman, this version actually exists exterior the multiverse with the sole function of protecting it.

Cosmic Armor Superman is so an effective that he can protect the whole multiverse (and beyond) all by himself. Despite he is largely a device with the likeness the Superman and also not actually a variation of Superman himself, that still possesses such tremendous power the he literally stop the whole universe in his hands.

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1 Superman element One Million

DC’s One Million storyline takes ar in the 853rd century. Together you deserve to likely imagine, there are many far-ranging differences from now to then. One constant, however, is Superman. Kal El is tho the Superman that this world, simply much much more powerful.

~ spending hundreds of years in the sun, Superman re-emerges v all brand-new powers. Not just are all of his basic powers enhanced, however he additionally gains telepathy, the capability to re-superstructure his powers, and even sufficient willpower to operate a lantern ring. If you thought Superman was overpowered before, be certain to examine out this version of the man of Steel.