BOISE, Idaho — prior to you elevator a hand come smack the latest emo buzz band for its nauseous name, please permit Cute Is What us Aim for singer Shaant Hacikyan come explain.

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"Dude. We hate it," insists Hacikyan, who ended up being the band"s elder statesman when he turned 20 recently. "We hate the name with a passion."


"We started this tape in mine bedroom v a computer. Us didn"t expect anything come come of it. Ns didn"t mean to be a signed band, let alone placed out a record and also tour the world. Hopefully, we"ll readjust the name down the road."

If Hacikyan didn"t sound therefore sincere, it would certainly be basic to dismiss his response as coy public relationships aimed at clueless adults that don"t have MySpace friends and LiveJournal accounts. Yet considering the the Buffalo group developed less than two years ago, the story appears plausible.

Hacikyan says he come up through the tape name as a homage to his friends. And that Cute Is What us Aim because that didn"t even set out to be classified as emo, a genre dictated by young fans, pierced fashions and lyrics that regularly take a slant top top high-school life.

Cute Is What we Aim because that won a fight of the bands top top LiveJournal month after the formed. Prior to the finish of the year, it had signed to hot emo label sustained By Ramen, which has actually churned the end zillion-selling bands loss Out Boy and Panic! in ~ The Disco.

The kicker is that Cute Is What us Aim For"s debut, "The same Old Blood Rush v a new Touch," offers considerably more spark than typical emo fodder. The band"s goal, Hacikyan says, is to develop "power popular music with intellectual lyrics."

Hacikyan, who states he hated English class, transforms out to be an observant, sassy lyricist. Cute Is What us Aim for succeeds ~ above clever tracks such together "I placed the `Metro" in Metronome" and "The Curse that Curves," ~ above which the laments "I want someone provocative and talkative/But it"s so tough when you"re shallow as a shower."

The CD, i beg your pardon burst from the gates as fueled By Ramen"s more quickly seller, has moved more than 70,000 copies since June -- mostly, it appears, come teenage girls enamored by 4 guys who room barely out of high school themselves.

"In this music, the pretty much seems that every pan is a teenage girl," Hacikyan says, before including somewhat incredulously. "I don"t know just how there"s that many of them."

But Hacikyan, that sounds mature beyond his years, isn"t assuming the hordes of hotties will certainly be in the crowd a pair of year from now.

That isn"t exactly how emo works.

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"The trend is to make a splash and then friend fade away," he says.

"And ns don"t desire that, but I"ve obtained to be prepared for that so it"s no such a horrible crash."

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