R&B singer chris Brown publicly apologized Monday because that beating his then-girlfriend Rihanna ~ a pre-Grammy party in February.

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R&B singer kris Brown publicly apologized Monday because that beating his then-girlfriend Rihanna ~ a pre-Grammy party in February.

In a two-minute video posted on his website, Brown calls his plot "inexcusable" and also says he's seeking help to live his life together a duty model.


Pop star Rihanna stands next to her lawyer during a listening in Los Angeles last month. In a publicly video, she then-boyfriend chris Brown has apologized because that attacking her. ((Associated Press))

Brown said he is sad and ashamed of his conduct. He additionally tells viewers he has repeatedly apologized come Rihanna.

"I am truly, truly sorry that i wasn't able to manage the instance both different and better," Brown said. "What i did was unacceptable, 100 per cent."

Brown was arrested Feb. 8, hours after he combated with Rihanna in a rented sports car after the party.

According come a police affidavit, Brown tried to press the 21-year-old Barbadian-born singer from the car and also repeatedly struggle her and also choked her.

He left the scene and also later turned self in to authorities during the Grammy Awards, whereby he and also Rihanna to be slated to perform. He was later charged with attack likely to cause good bodily harm and making criminal threats.

He pleaded guilty to the felony attack charge last month and faces officially sentencing Aug. 5. Under a plea deal, the will serve 5 years of probation and also perform six months of neighborhood service.

On the video, Brown call the beating "the incident." He vow to give interviews and answer part questions about what happened in the near future however said he wanted to speak directly to pan first.

"I feel it was time you the heard directly from me that ns am sorry," he states on the video.

Saw violence together child

He says that is embarrassing of his conduct and says his mother, who has attended few of his court hearings, has actually taught that better. The mentions the he witnessed domestic violence farming up.

"I witnessed first-hand what untreated rage deserve to do," he speak viewers. "I have sought and also am proceeding to seek help to ensure the what occurred in February can never take place again."

Brown says on the video clip he want to speak out earlier, yet was advised not to through his lawyer.

He acknowledges the the beating has actually hurt his reputation. Although the doesn't mention it, Brown lost sponsorship deals, radio stations quit playing his music and other artist condemned him after the attack.

Before the beating, Brown was taken into consideration a squeaky-clean R&B up-and-comer. He rose to importance after the 2005 struggle Run It! He was nominated because that a Grammy for No Air with Jordin Sparks and named Billboard's optimal artist in 2008.

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"I intend to live mine life therefore that ns am truly worth of the hatchet 'role model,"' Brown says at the video's conclusion.