Dragon Ball: 4 characters Who Actually killed Goku (& 6 That came Close) personalities like Krillin space made funny of for exactly how much they"ve died over the food of the series, yet Goku"s had his same share of deaths too.

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As Dragon Ball"s major protagonist, son Goku has dealt with countless personalities over the years in tournaments, rounds of friendly sparring, and much more often 보다 not, climactic battles where losing wasn"t an option. Characters like Yamcha and Krillin are often made funny of for how much they"ve passed away over the food of the series, but Goku"s had his same share that deaths too, with four characters, in particular, was standing out together the just ones (as of Dragon round Super"s recent manga arc) who have actually been able to send son ogong to the afterlife.

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Of course, this doesn"t typical that various other characters didn"t obtain close to killing the Saiyan themselves, though plenty of of them learned the hard method that goku doesn"t go down easily.

Piccolo uses His unique Beam Cannon on Goku and also Raditz
Throughout Dragon Ball, Goku faced many threats, indigenous the totality of the Red Ribbon military to King Piccolo. And yet regardless of just how an effective each of his adversaries were, his an initial death didn"t come till the start of Dragon round Z, where he sacrificed himself by holding Raditz in location so the Piccolo"s one-of-a-kind Beam Cannon wouldn"t miss out on its mark.

Of course, the distinct Beam Cannon not just pierced Raditz"s body but Goku"s as well, offering the Saiyan his very first taste that the afterlife. It"s ironic that Piccolo, the first evildoer who thrived in death Goku, slowly came to be one of Goku"s greatest allies after accomplishing the one score that also his father couldn"t.

as soon as Goku and Vegeta very first met in combat, Vegeta had Goku outmatched. After he transformed right into a good Ape, Goku discovered himself overwhelmed.

If it weren"t because that the merged efforts of Yajirobe, Gohan, and also Krillin, goku would"ve to be crushed by his colossal foe.

Frieza Tortures son ogong After he Is fight By A Laser
unlike many Dragon Ball villains, Frieza was offered multiple possibilities to death Goku, and yet the failed twice. As soon as he and Goku combated on Namek, he practically defeated Goku with his superior power yet made the wrong of death Krillin and also triggering Goku"s an initial Super Saiyan transformation, which guarantee his defeat.

Years later, the got an additional chance come take goku down after Sorbet"s ring laser caught the Saiyan off guard. Despite the ring laser didn"t death him, that left him weakened at Frieza"s feet. Frieza proceeded to torture him, and just before he all set to finish Goku off for good, Vegeta came to his rescue, ensuring that son ogong was provided a Senzu Bean. As if that wasn"t currently frustrating enough that Vegeta didn"t get to land the final blow ~ above Frieza in Resurrection "F", that was simply as frustrating for Universe 7"s emperor that he didn"t gain the revenge the he feeling so licensed has been granted to.

7 killed Goku: Cell

Cell Explodes and also Kills son ogong - Dragon ball Z
Dr. Gero created a variety of androids for the sole function of damaging Goku, and yet Cell was his only production that managed to execute so.

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It"s ironic that the just reason Goku shed his life to cell was the Gohan refused to finish Cell off immediately after unlocking his premium Super Saiyan 2 powers, giving Cell the opened he essential to rotate himself into a life bomb. The only thing the saved planet was son ogong using instant Transmission to relocate both Cell and also himself to King Kai"s Planet, where Cell exploded, obliterating Goku and marking the begin of his 7-year stay in various other World.

together Goku and Beerus" rematch involved its conclusion, bius struck son ogong down and also sent him falling ago to Earth prior to hurling a round of destruction at him, so big that it would certainly not only destroy Goku yet the rest of the world as well.

Beerus made no intention to protect against the assault or draw away it, and also if no for Goku utilizing every last little of his remaining power to nullify it, that would"ve been done for.

5 eliminated Goku: Hit

~ Zamasu"s defeat, the wasn"t long prior to Goku ended up being bored with his lack of compete on Earth. Though Vegeta to be a perfect sparring partner for him, he was off tending to the family members that he"d neglected year prior, and Gohan had already committed come the life that a scholar. The Saiyan was so desperate because that a challenge that he i ordered it his very own assassination, forcing hit to take trip to Earth and actually attempt to death him.

The job was a walk in the park for Hit, who supplied his Time Skip abilities to provide a crushing punch to Goku"s heart the took him down in one instant. If the wasn"t for the ki blast that son ogong shot right into the wait just before he died, his heart wouldn"t have actually been revied, and another character would"ve had to take over for him in Dragon sphere Super.

secs after kid Buu appeared before Goku and Vegeta, his an initial instinct was to destroy Earth with his world Burst attack. If it weren"t for Kibito Kai teleporting to Earth and also transporting son ogong to the Sacred world of the Kai (along with Vegeta, Dende, Hercule, Bee, and also Majin Buu), he would"ve been destroyed before having the chance to walk toe-to-toe with son Buu. And also while they every aided him throughout his fight against Majin Buu"s purest form, that still placed up more resistance than any type of other rogue in Dragon ball Z.

When son ogong hurled a spirit Bomb at boy Buu, he had the ability to deflect it appropriate back, and if that weren"t for Dende utilizing Namek"s Dragon Balls to restore Goku"s energy, that would"ve to be vaporized by his own attack. In spite of a deflected soul Bomb triggering Ultra Instinct for goku in Dragon ball Super, this wouldn"t have been the situation here, since, at the moment of his fight with son Buu, he lacked the divine training and also god ki that seem to it is in prerequisites because that such a powerful an approach not expected for mortals in the very first place.

3 come Close: Android 19

when Cell was Dr. Gero"s only development that regulated to kill Goku, Android 19 come pretty close. That wasn"t even that Android 19 possessed much more power 보다 Goku; throughout the an initial half of their match, Goku"s at sight Saiyan type was an ext than sufficient to placed the pressure on his artificial opponent, but it also strengthened the heart virus the went top top to insurance claim Goku"s life in a future timeline. This allowed Android 19 to pen him come the floor, where he climate proceeded to drain Goku"s energy.

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With Dr. Gero standing by to stop the various other Z-Fighters from intervening, Goku come within seconds of particular death. If that weren"t because that Vegeta comes in in ~ the last second to force Android 19 turn off of Goku, the Saiyan would"ve been killed while his closest friends can do nothing yet watch.

While son ogong Black was not successful in death the goku that viewers all recognize and love, he in reality did success in death a variation of son ogong in an alternative timeline after making use of the super Dragon Balls to swap bodies v the Saiyan warrior. This offered Zamasu all of Goku"s power and left Goku with Zamasu"s weaker body that wasn"t also stronger 보다 a at sight Saiyan 2. He take it Goku completely off guard, appearing at his home and also killing him together with Chi-Chi and Goten.

It was a complicated plan, and also by no method was that fair, yet in the end, son ogong Black cemented himself as one of the few personalities that actually succeeded in sending out Goku to other World.

1 came Close: Mercenary Tao

throughout Goku"s first encounter with Mercenary Tao, the Crane School assassin outclassed the turtle School"s mightiest disciple in every way, forcing the young Saiyan to depend on the Kamehameha in an initiative to finish him off. Mercenary Tao not just survived the attack but fired ago with one of his own: the infamous Dodon Ray.

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Tao"s Dodon Ray win Goku where his love was and would"ve granted that an instant death if not for the Four-Star Dragon ball that was tucked far in his shirt, which prevented Tao"s assault from penetrating Goku"s flesh.