The .380 ACP and the .38 special are famous pistol cartridges typically used for self-defense purposes. Return anyone environment-friendly in the people of guns can get confused with the two, it’s basic to draw comparisons. This short article highlights their major 6294.orgs.

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.380.38 Special
.355 inch in diameter.357 inches in diameter
Usually weighs 85 to 95 grainsUsually weighs 95 come 158 grains
Usually obtainable for semiautomatic pistolsOnly obtainable for revolvers


Hallow suggest lead .380 ACP ammunition

The .380 ACP (Action Colt Pistol) is a pistol cartridge through a rimless and also straight wall surface case. This 9x17mm cartridge was occurred by American firearms maker John Moses Browning. The was very first used in the semi-automatic Colt design 1908 bag hammerless pistol. The .380 ACP grew in popularity as a self-defense cartridge for many smaller handguns around the world. The .380 ACP is known by various other names such as the .380 Auto, 9x17mm, 9mm short, and also 9mm Browning to name a few. The .380 ACP is no to be confused with the .38 ACP 9mm Makarov, 9mm Parabelleum, or the 9mm Ultra.

The .380 is lightweight and compact, however has a lower stopping power and much shorter range contrasted to other modern-day handgun cartridges. Regardless of these drawbacks, the .380 ACP is tho a renowned self-defense ammunition. That is desired by people who require a little and lightweight pistol through minimal recoil. Professionals attribute this preference to the legalization of concealed bring in addition to the inexpensive and also compact pistols that use the .380 ACP.

.38 ACP ammunitions

The .38 Special, or .38 blacksmith & Wesson Special, is a rimmed and straight-walled centerfire ammunition frequently used in revolvers. Draft by blacksmith & Wesson, the .38 special is also used in numerous semi-automatic handguns and also carbines. It was the preferred organization cartridge that the united state police force during the 1920s till the early 1990s. In addition, it to be a generally used sidearm cartridge in world War I. In some components of the world, it is referred to as by the metric designation of 9.1x29mmR or 9×29.5mmR.

The .38 Special has actually been roughly for end a century and is the many widely provided revolver cartridge in the world since of its deadly accuracy and also manageable recoil. The is the cartridge of an option for self-defense, target shooting, experienced target competition, and little game hunting.

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The “.38” component of the name actually describes the diameter that its loaded brass case and not that cartridge which is .357-.358 inches. In spite of having a different situation length, the .38 unique is similar to the .38 lengthy Colt and also .357 Magnum. This way a .38 distinct round have the right to be safely used in revolvers with a .357 Magnum chamber and also .38 Special-chambered .38 long Colt revolvers. However, a .357 cartridge will not normally fire in handguns specifically created a .38 one-of-a-kind cartridge.

.380 vs .38 Special

So those the between the .380 and the .38 Special? Both cartridges have actually been in action for end a century and also are typically used because that self-defense. In spite of these similarities, these cartridges are not interchangeable. The .380 ACP cartridge offers bullets measuring .355 inch in diameter while the .38 Special has actually bullets with a diameter of .357 inches. A .38 one-of-a-kind bullet is likewise characterized by a much longer case and also thus, it is longer and also heavier than the .380 ACP. This also way more gunpowder can be used on a .38 Special. This gives the .38 special a slight benefit over the .380 in terms of preventing power and also speed.

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Here’s a YouTube clip to compare the power of .380 ACP rounds and .38 one-of-a-kind rounds.