nope, gotta it is in the 9x19 for 9mm. The 9x18 was made 9x18 and also with a various diameter 9mm bullet on purpose. During the cold war, us and them go not desire each various other to use captured ammo, so favor the rail tracks in between east and also west, castle are different dimensions on purpose.

Negative. Negative. Negative!For one, you must only shoot the rounds that your weapon is chambered for. Although the casing size is just 1 millimeter difference, the two rounds are actually much more different then your names suggest.The bullets (projectiles) fired from the 9x18 Makarov are actually bigger then the 9x19.The 9x18 Makarov"s bullets are a .365 caliber or 9.3mm. The 9x19 Luger is a .355 caliber bullet. So again, carry out NOT shooting 9mm Makarov shells through your 9x19 pistol.

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Don"t even try it. You"ll likely damages your weapon do the efforts to load it or when chambering a nround. Scary!


+1 for WhitetailfreekOnly use ammunition specifically produced for your weapon"s precise dimensions. The 9x18"s instance length is a mm smaller than the 9x19, yet the bullet"s diameter is different and also although both rounds will certainly chamber, the barrel will blow up when a 9x18 is moved through a barrel that 9x19.As said previously, this is not just dangerous, but particular to reason injury if not death.

Yes ,Yes ,YES WHY not SAY YES when WE ALL recognize HE IS walk TO shot IT ANYWAYS. Yet SERIOUSLY no ,no ,no you re welcome don"t shot it at residence . Give thanks to you for her corporation.
Yes ,Yes ,YES WHY no SAY YES once WE ALL know HE IS walk TO shot IT ANYWAYS. Yet SERIOUSLY no ,no ,no please don"t try it at residence . Give thanks to you for her corporation.
How to get a 9x19 para bullet the end of the 9x18 makarov chamber? carry out i need to shoot it the end or is there one more solution?

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