As we recognize, and also the youngsters book reminds us all, all pets eat so all pets poop.

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However, unchoose the majority of pets owls are distinct because in enhancement to poop they likewise make owl pellets. In order to understand what these are, we first have to look at what owls eat.


Great Horned Owl

What do Owls Eat

Owls are carnivores, which means they eat other animals. Different kinds of owls eat various kinds of pets, however some of the pets that they eat incorporate mice, rats, snakes, rabbits, squirrels, other birds, and even insects.

Many kind of carnivores have sharp teeth that they usage to rip into the pets they are eating and also then chew up the meat before they swenable it. Owls carry out not have actually those sharp teeth, however they perform have exceptionally sharp beaks. Owls have the right to, but execute not always, usage their sharp beaks to rip pieces off of the animals they eat prior to they swpermit their food.


An owl through a pellet in its mouth

Owl Pellets

Sometimes owls ssuggest swpermit their prey whole. In other words, owls swpermit a whole computer mouse, bones and also all. The owl is unable to digest parts of the computer mouse, such as the bones or hair. All of the parts of the food that the owl is unable to digest obtain stored in a unique part of the owls’ stomach referred to as the gizzard. Inside that part of the stomach the owl has actually strong muscles that roll those pieces up into a tight ball.

At some point, that ball, dubbed an owl pellet, gets regurgitated up and also spit out. This suggests that the owl brings up a little, tightly packet ball of bones, hair, teeth, and other parts of the animals the owl ate and coughs it up.


Owl pellets

Scientists study owl pellets to gain a much better knowledge of the kinds of food that the owl eats.

It takes about 10 hrs after a meal until an owl will certainly spit out the pellet from that meal.

Owl Poop

Similar to all animals, owls body’s create waste product that it requirements to remove. It does this in the form of poop.

Owls make both poop and also pelallows.

Owls have actually 2 kinds of waste that comes out of their body – both poop and pelallows. Remember, owl pellets are the parts of the pets that they eat that they are unable to digest, such as bones, teeth, and also fur.


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