Why execute Baseball football player Wear Cups? A baseball cup, likewise called an athletic cup, or box is an item designed to aid baseball players’ testicles and also groin.

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This form of security cup is comprised of light metal or difficult resistance plastic. Usually, it has actually flexibles next in stimulate to carry out the player through both protection and comfort.

The main reason why baseball football player wear lock is due to the fact that it gives them through the required safety on that region of their bodies.

Almost every catchers stay cups. On the other hand, many outfielders don’t. One trainer in specific said that he assumed that around 25% of all baseball players don’t wear cups.


According to a study made by southerly Illinois University, wearing cups in combat soldiers would certainly decrease the possibilities of having actually the groin injury. Unsurprising conclusion, ns know!

The baseball cups market has thrived in recent years. You can now obtain baseball cups made indigenous ballistic-grade materials.

In fact, these types of cups space being right now worn by football player from the Texas Rangers, mountain Diego Padres, Tampa Baya Rays, new York Yankees, Los Angeles Angels, Cleveland Indians, Orioles, and also the Milwaukee Brewers.

Here’s few of the best-selling baseball cups…

Some players have actually shared your experience acquiring hit by a relocating object in a baseball field and reported not having actually felt anything in ~ all.

Do Baseball players Wear Cups? need to They it is in Obligatory?

Right now, attract baseball cup is no mandatory. However, a baseball player dubbed Gary Sanchez experienced a painful accident that might make the sector reconsider this issue.

Another instance was the of Yadier Molina who gained hit through a ball going at 102-mph. Jose Manzanillo, top top the various other hand, got hit by a bat which usually tore his testicles. He even lost one of them during surgery. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Other players that have fallen victim come the cupless mentality are:

Valdespin who decided to wear cup after a pitch hit that in his groin.Carl Crawford who was impacted by a pickoff was transported to the hospital as result of a problem he arisen after obtaining hit in his groin referred to as testicular contusionBeltre that was fight by a hard ball and also wasn’t able come play till the last game of the season. In ~ first, his testicles became swollen together if castle had end up being grapefruits. The funny point is that when gained to pat again, they played Tchaikovskis “Nutcraker”.

While attract baseball cups have actually benefits such as groin protection, it also undermines the players’ flexibility. The hazard of obtaining hit in the groin either with a baseball bat, ball, moving objects, or cleats, is fairly high during a game. If the sphere goes to fast, the influence can be identical to a force amounting to 2,500 pounds.

While yes no such thing as getting rid the the risk of acquiring damaged in this area completely, this affect can be lowered substantially to 450 pounds if the player wears a cup.

Why some Baseball Players don’t Wear Cups?

Although it can reduce the pain and damage excellent to the groin substantially if cups are worn, some players decide no to wear them. This is since it to reduce mobility in a fast-paced sport.

Some movements have the right to be limited and this have the right to make castle underperform versus their non-cup counterparts.

Since there’s no law about this element of play (either attract or not wearing cups), that is up to the player to decide whether he will sacrifice security for performance if the decides to wear a baseball cup.

Final Thoughts

Do Baseball football player Wear Cups? some players have had actually undesirable crashes due come the fact that they weren’t wearing cups throughout a game. Football player can gain hit in the groin by lot of items available in baseball areas such as cleats, bats, and balls.

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Although, attract a baseball cup might reduce mobility, and also thus, top performance, it additionally makes sure the player is defended in this area that his body.