Medically the review by Matt Coward, MD, FACS — composed by Adrienne Santos-Longhurst on February 20, 2020

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Yes, cock size is genetic, however it’s a little more complicated than your parent having a smaller/bigger/hairier peen so yours will revolve out prefer that, too.

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Here’s what you should know.

You can thank whoever has actually a Y chromosome for the reality that you have actually a dick at all.

People assigned masculine at bear (AMAB) inherit the Y chromosome from a parent who was born v a penis, similar to people assigned woman at birth (AFAB) inherit the X chromosome from a parent who was born with a vulva.

As far as sex guts go, all fetuses look at the same up until the seventh week that development.

After that, testes and all the rest start occurring thanks to that Y chromosome.

But the Y chromosome doesn’t necessarily determine the kind of prick you’re packing.

Your various other parent’s contribution, her own unique genes, and other factors (more on those in a minute) play into your cock size, shape, and also other features.

And yes, there room several species of penises.

How walk this work-related with siblings — walk everyone have the same genetic makeup?

Nope. This is where the X chromosome comes right into play and shakes points up.

AMAB folks have actually one X chromosome and also AFAB individuals have actually two.

AMAB folks inherit the X chromosome from an AFAB parent, and the an option of that chromosome is random.

You could have inherited gene for a larger prick from among those X chromosomes, and your sibling might have inherited one average-sized dick from the other. It’s usually a crapshoot.

And prior to you ask: Yes, also twins deserve to have different-looking Ds.

All the said, family members members carry out tend come have similar features. While it no guaranteed, there’s a great chance the you and also your siblings share part similarities under there.

Are there any type of other components to consider?

Yes, and they’re probably not the ones friend think.

Contrary to the stereotype, race has actually no bearing on cock size.

Masturbation isn’t a variable in penis size either. It’s simply a myth that constant solo sex will certainly make her D smaller sized or bigger.

Now that we’ve acquired that out of the way, let’s take it a look in ~ some components that can actually influence size.

Your genes

We all have actually traits — or phenotypes — that room individual to us.

For example, you could have a turned-up button nose even though her parents’ noses lean much more to the toucan next of the spectrum.

These traits might be the result of what’s dubbed de novo genes. Everyone has these gene mutations, despite how countless varies from human to person.

These are genes the have readjusted slightly from her parents’ line and are all her own.

Exactly how these genes are born is tho a little bit of a mystery, yet we do understand that they can influence your physical properties — including your prick size and overall appearance.

For instance, you and also your parent might share a similar length and girth, yet yours can lean left while theirs hangs right.


Hormones beat a role in your cock size indigenous the start.

Androgens determine penis size throughout early fetal development. Throughout puberty, testosterone and growth hormone regulate prick growth, including length and also girth.

It isn’t just the hormones your body provides that influence penis size, though. The hormone you’re exposed to in your environment while her body is occurring also impact penis size.

But rather of making your D bigger, these hormones have actually the opposite effect — not that penis size problem in bed, yet still.

Exposure to ecological estrogens — aka a mrs sex hormone — during puberty has actually been linked to shorter-than-average penises.

Chemicals referred to as endocrine disruptors can also have a an unfavorable effect on her penis. And the remainder of her body, for the matter. These chemicals are discovered in things like pesticides, plastic containers, and some detergents.

Poor nutrition

Malnutrition in the womb and during the first few years that life can influence hormones and impact your growth and development.

We aren’t simply talking her height and also weight — body organ development, consisting of your reproductive organs, can likewise be affected.

According come a 2014 study, the average cock is 3.6 inches long while flaccid and also 5.2 inches erect.

Try no to obtain too hung increase on the number. For starters, the study only looked in ~ a small portion of the world’s penis-wielding population.

Also, most people think they’re smaller than typical when lock not. In reality, approximately 95 percent of human being with penises do autumn within the median range.

Finally and also most importantly, size doesn’t make a diff whereby it problem most, which is in the bedroom… or backseat of a car… or the aircraft lavatory…

Your love muscle (which is in reality an organ) is the size that the is and also there’s naught you deserve to do to do it enlarge or smaller, as well as surgery.

Penis extending exercises may increase size temporarily, but any type of evidence that this is anecdotal and doing that wrong could reason damage.

It’s feasible to produce the illusion the a enlarge or smaller sized dick. Shaving your pubes so your D is on full screen can do it appear bigger. ~ above the upper and lower reversal side, a full shrub can appear to shrink your D if you’re worried the it’s also long.

Your best bet is to find out to make the many of what her parents — or de novo genes — gave you.

The ideal sex location can aid you make the most of your dimension so you and also your partner get off right.

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