Yu Yu Hakusho: 5 reasons Why The finishing was disappointing (& 5 things It got Right) What did Yu Yu Hakusho get right? wherein did it autumn short? right here are 5 reasons why the finishing was disappointing and also five things It obtained right.

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Nothing damages a good series quite favor a bad ending, and also the much longer an IP runs on the little screen or published page, the more daunting executing a solve conclusion becomes. Audience expectations are high and longtime fans ultimately want to see their favorite characters overcome their flaws, fears, and foibles.

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Despite just running for four seasons, Yu Yu Hakusho has end up being one the Japan"s most popular manga franchises, spawning everything from video clip games to activity figures to a lovely anime show. Similar to Game of Thrones, the press to succeed to be nothing brief of debilitating; and like obtained Season 8, there were numerous disappointing moments with a couple of satisfying wrap-ups in between. What walk Yu Yu Hakusho acquire right? where did it loss short? below are 5 reasons why the finishing was disappointing and five things It acquired right.

one of the biggest gripes around Yu Yu Hakusho"s ending is how it undercuts every one of its dramatic anxiety by skip the climax of the Demon people Tournament. While it"s true the final saga that the spirit detective TV collection was expected to focus more on character arcs than plot, the reality that Yusuke is knocked the end of the tournament throughout the second round is nothing short of anti-climactic.

The Dark people Tournament was conveniently one that the finest sagas in anime background with team Urameshi encountering off versus ghouls, ghosts, and powers beyond human reckoning (aka Toguro). The opportunity to take every one of these aspects to the following level presented chin in the Demon people contest -- especially in terms of spectacle and tension now that Yusuke has unlocked his true demon form. Unfortunately, as result of life stress and also other concerns, creator Yoshihiro Togashi chose to end the saga v a second-round knockout.

one of the biggest B-stories in the Yu Yu Hakusho anime series is the budding romance between childhood friends Yusuke Urameshi and also Keiko Yukimura. Best from the start, the two are set up to fall madly in love; yet like all an excellent television shows, Yusuke and also Keiko are perpetually maintained at arm"s length from each various other via bad choices, mishaps, and greater threats.

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This is an effective an approach of arising a story as it build the audience"s expectations and creates a need for the promised pay off to come. Well, Yu Yu Hakusho doesn"t disappoint as the two love birds finally share a kiss top top Genkai"s beach, embracing their romantic feel at lengthy last.

just like the Yusuke-Keiko romance, the reunion the Hiei and also his long-lost sisters Yukina is collection up as beforehand as season 2. As the story goes, Hiei is estranged native Yukina by choice, believing the she is more secure living cloistered because of the nature of her powers, which reason her to cry priceless jewels once saddened.

From the beginning, they tree the idea that Hiei will one day reconcile through Yukina, yet when it comes time to salary the piper and make good on the promise, Yu Yu Hakusho drops short. Rather of reuniting with Yukina and rebuilding their shed relationship, Hiei opts to continue to be in Demon World and also block people from crossing end at an essential portals scattered transparent the earth.

7 acquired Right: Genkai"s Legacy

Genkai YuYu Hakusho
another endpoint Yu Yu Hakusho handles ideal is Genkai"s legacy. Genkai, the age martial arts understand who dwells alone at the top of a hill temple, summons Yusuke"s soul detective gang for one final meeting.

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Here, Genkai discover her last will and testament, stating she is leaving her entire estate to our team. She additionally instructs the youths come treat the mountain temple together a sanctuary for ghosts -- a location where spirits trapped in Living civilization can run in peace.

Yomi emerges as the rogue of every villains in Yu Yu Hakusho"s Three queens Saga -- vital character arc inside Yusuke learns the truth about his household ancestry and the identity of his biological father: the demon king Raizen. However, Yomi survives the fight with Yusuke after the death of Raizen, setup the pair up for a element rematch in the Demon people Tournament.

But as soon as the bell tolls and also the return begins, Yomi directly defeats Yusuke after ~ the two punch each various other in the face full force. As soon as Yusuke awakens, a week has actually passed, learning Yomi winner the fight yet was defeated in the next round that the tournament by part rando contestant. Not just did we not obtain to check out the last boss fall in the endgame saga, yet it"s not also at the hands of the hero, making the agent of salvation something various other than the series protagonist. This deus ex machina damages the drama and subverts Yusuke"s development, leaving the story"s resolution in the hand of external forces.

5 acquired Right: Kurama"s Choice

an additional thing Yu Yu Hakusho"s ending gets best is Kurama"s character arc. From his arrival in Season 1, Kurama is developed to it is in a fox demon that possesses the human body of child Suichi Minomino after that is mortally hurt in battle. Together Kurama"s brand-new body grows, so does his battle with identification -- a hybrid existence torn in between his allegiance to living World and also Demon World.

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During the Demon world Tournament, however, Kurama ultimately makes his selection while engaged in a battle with Yomi. The forgoes his true form, Yoko, once and also for every and completely embraces the life the Suichi, opting to dwell in Living world till the end of his days.

among the many disappointing facets of Yu Yu Hakusho"s last saga is the Demon civilization Tournament war themselves. Compared to the Dark civilization Tournament, the Demon civilization Tournament is bland and also half-hearted, through matches finishing suddenly, anti-climatically, or not at all.

Outside of Yusuke"s battle with Yomi–which wasn"t every that attractive contrasted to the bald war v Toguro–most the the matches are conveniently wrapped increase with tiny to no flare. Regardless of lots the raw product for standard match-ups, Togashi made decision to leave the saga and also wrap up the display quickly.

3 acquired Right: Kuwabara, Period.

Let"s confront it, Kazuma Kuwabara is the best character in Yu Yu Hakusho, perfect planted and developed from begin to finish. Presented as the brainless competitor of Yusuke Urameshi, Kuwabara is the goon with a code, melting the mind of audiences anywhere when he"s in complete swing. Even if it is it"s weeping over the remains of his dead girlfriend in Season 1 or standing up to bullies later on, Kuwabara proves himself to be a man among boys... Also if he requirements to find out some restrain in ~ times.

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Just as he began, Kuwabara is given a proper resolution in Yu Yu Hakusho -- excelling in school, snagging the attention of the ladies, and enjoying his friendship with Yukina. Kuwabara also finally pertains to terms through his own constraints -- every while keeping the kind boyish charm only a hapless bufoon such as himself can accomplish.

among the significant mishaps that the Demon people Tournament was failing to incorporate Kazuma Kuwabara together a main fighter. Story-wise, this makes sense since Yusuke"s right-hand male was fully over-matched against the likes that Demon World"s strongest. After all, the is just a normal person teenager unlike his half-demon finest friend and also rival.

Nonetheless, Kuwabara"s life grit and determination to be something let go in the final installment the the martial arts epos -- one that lugged heart and also emotion come the high-octane, bone-knuckle brawls that hallmark the series.

1 acquired Right: The final Scene

Yes, this was perhaps the best way to finish an era -- all of our lovable crew members reuniting on the beach play as youngsters despite being all grown up. If anything have the right to be said around the template of Yu Yu Hakusho it"s this: discovering to thrive up.

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Seeing the team together was the right means to say goodbye, providing audiences one last hurrah prior to that inevitable fade out and roll credits.

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