Spanakopita is a delicious Greek savoury pie. It is make in a large tray or together individual triangles.

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Greek"s express SPANA-KO-PEE-TA- emphasis on the KO, not SPANA-KOPITA said quicklywith the focus on the PITA.
This is because that my husband that is the only human being with Greek ~ above his father"s side and can"t express anything properly in have to hear him say SOUVLAKI!
The spinach and also feta is sandwiched in between layers the flaky Phyllo pastry. (I just need to say it...I walk crazy when world call that FY-LOW pastry, it just drives me nuts for part reason. It"s pronounced FEE- LO)
15 oz of new spinach1/2 onion chopped fine15 oz the Greek Feta (get the imported- for me there is no comparison)1 tbsp chopped parsley3 chopped eco-friendly onions/scallionsfresh nutmeg (5-6 scrapes on the grater)1/2 lemon juiced1 eggolive oilsalt/pepperBox that Phyllo pastry -thawed (or if girlfriend can get fresh from a Greek bakery even better)butter/olive oil for to brush pastry

Step 1: In a huge pot fry onions with salt, pepper and a few tbsp the olive oil till softened and slightly browned.

Step 2: add spinach 1 bag in ~ a time (I have actually used 2 bags of infant spinach they come in a 9oz and a 6 oz size) and also continue food preparation for approx 5-7 minutes till spinach has actually all wilted and cooked under to a tiny pile


Step 3: remove from pan and permit to cool in a colander. Once cooled you have the right to start to squeeze the end as lot water as possible from the spinach through your hands. At this allude I add to paper towels to continue to squeeze and also dry spinach as much as possible. Climate chop finely. Girlfriend could additionally do this v frozen spinach.

Step 4: in a bowl include crumbled feta, dried spinach, egg, lemon juice, eco-friendly onions, parsley, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Mix till combined.
Step 5: mix part melted butter or what I normally do is add a fifty percent a stick of melted butter to 1/2 the quantity of olive oil. I use a tiny glass dish (this one is 8 x10) and also start through buttering the bottom and sides of the dish v butter/oil. Great a sheet of Phyllo and also brush on much more butter/oil. I continue the same means until I have actually 6-7 sheets layered and buttered. This is a tiny recipe by many Greek standards.

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Step 7:start to wrinkles up each layer individually and also brush on an ext butter/oil between each later. As soon as all layers space foldedadd a final layer of melted butter/oil come the top.
Step 8: slice into the part size you choose with a spicy knife. I favor to use a glass dish so that i don"t damage
If you have actually leftovers then you can cover and refrigerate however, the phyllo will gain soggy in the fridge. To refresh/reheat the Spanakopita friend can conveniently put in the oven at 350 because that a couple of minutes and also the peak will crisp up again.
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