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Gimme the trackStopEverybody ~ above the floorJust pauseSomebody in the middleJust moveGet on under to the groove(Doo Doo Brown) BrownThe brand new brother in townYeah, boy, dope sound (Doo Doo Brown)SmoothA brothers that's so cursed coolNever gain played because that a foolNow it's my turn to rule(Yo, man, Doo Doo Brown in the house)Bad prefer Michael Jackson ever had(Yeah, Doo Doo don'tSport no Jheri curl juiceYo, Doo Doo, tell 'em what you're every about)(Doo Doo Brown)Don't drink Pepsi, always Coke(You got the appropriate one, baby)That's right, dope (Doo Doo Brown)Yo, Doo Doo, man, what you got for me now
(Doo Doo Brown)(Doo Doo Brown)SummertimeChilling outside in the dope JeepFour or five cuties in the backseatHomeboys trying to get a peepRolling deepCleanDope device kickin'Ladies in the backWith the popsicle lickin'(Ooh, i love you, Doo Doo)Buffed up wax backArmor all downTell him, homieWho's in town(That's my man, Doo Doo Brown)The danceSomething that willPut you in a tranceNow it's your revolve toTake a chance
You're rolling, Doo DooYou're rolling(Doo Doo Brown)(Doo Doo Brown)(Doo Doo Brown)Let's danceEnormous, enormousEnormous, enormous.....BrownThe brand new brother in town(Yeah, boy, dope sound)SmoothA brothers that's so damn coolNever get played for a foolNow it's my rotate to rule(Doo Doo in effect)Don't sweat itIf her body desires to do itJust let it(Here us go, below we goLet's take it it come the bridge)
And once you thinkYou've had actually enough(Yo, yo, Doo Doo, hold up)(Doo Doo Brown)(Doo Doo Brown)Yo, we have Doo Doo BrownIn the residence liveAny y'all wanna speak to himYou have the right to reach that at1-900-976-Doo DooTwo dollars for the first minuteTwenty 5 dollarsFor each extr minute(Doo Doo Brown)You recognize why'Cause us rolling favor that(Doo Doo Brown)1991, us in effectWe comes on the raw sceneWith the funky joe beatYou beat Doo Doo short(Doo Doo Brown)You acquire bustedAnd permit me tell friend somethingIf you paris builder think girlfriend downAnd no really under (Doo Doo Brown)You it s okay noneAnd, yo, because that you homeboysThat think you're all thatAnd trying to acquire with thisAct favor a tennis shoeAnd simply do it(Doo Doo Brown) peace

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