Eastern Arms Company type of was a trade name used on weapons marketed by Sears, Roebuck and also Company type of of Chicago, IL and made by either Anattracted Fyrberg and Sons Manufacturing Company circa 1907, Iver Johnchild Arms and also Cycle Works circa 1909-1919 or J. Stevens Arms Company kind of circa 1920-1940.

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Eastern Arms Company kind of shotfirearms made by Anattracted Fyrberg and also Sons might have chambers that are shorter than today"s 2 3/4" shells. If using is contemplated, an testimonial by a competent gunsmith to determine chamber length is advised. If reputed safe to usage, just light area and also targain loads can be recommfinished.

Retail value for a gun in great or much better problem would certainly array from $50 to $125 depending on mechanical and bore condition and also continuing to be original lumber and also steel finish.


Is tbelow any kind of various other information I have the right to provide you to determine the maker? It has actually serial number, and also says "barrell and also lug forged from one piece" this gun was fired by me around 15 yrs back. It was my dads and also he passed so now I have it. Not really searching for a worth., simply any type of information I have the right to obtain on it. Thanks for your quick replies.and is tbelow all over I deserve to get both stocks for the gun? Forearm stock comes off very straightforward.


Supply the serial number and write-up a detailed picture of the receiver and pistol grip area.

No documents exist to recognize serial number/date of manufacture, however the style of the number might offer a clue.

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Both Iver Johnboy and J. Stevens offered the term "Barrel and also lug forged in one piece".

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