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In theaters on Friday, Jul 26, 1985

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Chevy follow Clark Griswold Beverly D'Angelo Ellen Griswold Jason lively Rusty Griswald Dana Hill Audrey Griswald Eric Idle Bike driver Victor Lanoux theif Ballard Barclay second English Motorist Kevin kendal Froegers' Daughter Trisha lengthy Game show Hostess No. 2 Isabelle Massard Brunette Girl in ~ Eiffel Tower william Millowitsch Fritz Spritz Claudia Neideg Rusty's German Girl, Claudia Mel blacksmith Hotel Manager Phillipe Stubelle café Waiter john Astin Kent, "Pig in a Poke" host Sheila Kennedy Game present Hostess No. 1 Paul Bartel Mr. Foeger Cynthia Szigeti Mrs. Foeger Malcolm Danare Froegers' kid william Zabka Jack Wendy Goldman London Stewardess Angus MacKay Announcer in ~ Court Julie Wooldridge Princess Di Peter Hugo Prince Charles Jeannette Charles Elizabeth II Derek Deadman Taxi Driver Gwen Nelson Hotel Manager's mommy Robbie Coltrane male in the restroom Maureen Lipman Lady in the Bed Paul McDowell 1st English Motorist Elizabeth Arlen Mrs. Garland David Gersh Mr. Garland Jacques Herlin Hotel desk Clerk Jacques Maury Hotel's Assistant Manager Alice Sapritch Dowager on the Eiffel Tower Isa Carol Horio Blonde Girl in ~ Eiffel Tower silver Badalati Rusty's French Girl, Cherie Didier pains video clip Camera thef Erika Wackernagel Helga Spritz Massimo Sarchielli various other Thief Jorge Krimer regrettably Express certified dealer Gloria Charles Stewardess Moon Zappa Rusty's California Girl


Amy Heckerling manager Alan Tomkins art Director Charles Fox Composer (Music Score), music Direction/Supervision Charles Fox Composer (Music Score), music Direction/Supervision Danny Gould Songwriter Gillian Lynne Choreography Graham Williams Costume Designer Jim Odom Songwriter john Bettis Songwriter man Hughes Producer, screen Story, Screenwriter man Hughes Producer, display Story, Screenwriter john Hughes Producer, display Story, Screenwriter john T. Nelson Songwriter Les Tomkins arts Director Lloyd Chiate Songwriter Marion Dougherty casting Matty Simmons Producer Nicholas Forder makeup Pembroke J. Herring Editor Richard Richtsfeld Special results Robert Cartwright manufacturing Designer Robert Klane Screenwriter Robert Paynter Cinematographer Simon Wakefield collection Designer Stuart Cornfeld Producer terry Brock Songwriter