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Is there any method to save the people in Tranquility? and after you obtain out of tranquility is over there any method to get into the office upstairs?
To save everyone in Tranquility, and to carry out the quest with "good karma," you have to go come the abandonded house. Inside, you will notification 5 objects: A radio, a water pitcher, a cinder block, a garden gnome, and an empty nuka-cola bottle. Once you click on them, girlfriend will an alert that they do a music note. Every one renders a different note. Girlfriend must click on them in the exactly order. If you click on one, and it provides the music keep in mind sound followed by a share video-game "wrong" sound (hard to explain, you"ll a *err, err*), that method you have actually clicked in the dorn order. If you click on one and also it makes only the music note sound, that means you have clicked on the in the exactly order. I recognize this is confusing, lol, however if you experiment you can see what i mean. Now, the stimulate you require to click them is....Radio, water pitcher, gnome, water pitcher, cinder block, nuka-cola.I am 100% sure around the very first four in that order, however I don"t rather remember the last two. Ns think the is cinder block-nukacola, however not 100% certain (it"s been a while due to the fact that I did it). So, simply do the an initial four, and if you click on something that is in the not correct order, you will certainly hear the *err,err* sound. You just need to then begin over v the first four, and shot another option until girlfriend don"t hear the *wrong* sound. It"s like Simon Says. As soon as you carry out it correctly, something will certainly happen, and also you will be on the "good karma" path and also can conserve the world in town.To get in the office upstairs, you have the right to do it before or after tranquility lane. You have to hack the computer terminal that is below by the tools room. Within the devices room, friend will discover a passcode for the Overseer"s office upstairs. That lets you in the maximum floor office. Simply so girlfriend know, also if friend can"t get into the Overseer"s office, girlfriend aren"t missing anything. Just some hat (85 or so), part ammo (nothing huge or anything), and a gun or two. Nothing really important.Hope this helps, and also I wasn"t too confusing. Great luck!
killerkahones-"i eliminated every human body in the an initial town the blowerd it up and also then killer evey but but the chang man in the tower what currently im lost"
Lol, dude ns think he way "Can you permit them to survive."If girlfriend pay fist you will an alert the good option likewise kills them... But because they have been lively for end 200 years ns think fatality may it is in a sweet escape...I don"t think there is any means to conserve them
Lol, i think you room right. Well, I just wanted to practice my keying I guess. :-)I to be under the assumption that he want the "good karma" means instead of being the slasher i m sorry is the "bad karma" way. The great karma way is like mercy killing, ns guess. Well, perhaps someone rather will want to understand this.
killerkahones-"i eliminated every body in the first town the blowerd the up and also then killer evey however but the chang man in the tower what currently im lost"
thanks... I currently did the good karma means where everybody passed away as well, but the medical terminals all said vitals were low requires prompt attention. So ns was wondering if after the Chinese death everyone if I can take them the end of the pods... I also couldn"t discover the POD the Bauer was in.. I have enough an excellent karma that I wanted to Shoot the in the head because that shocking me in tranquility. It appears fair.

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Some world are therefore naive that they would think the world was round if girlfriend told them that was.
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