In this guide, you will concerned know how to adjust the language native Russian come English in Fallout 4. You need to follow a couple of steps, and also it will aid you the end for sure.You can change the language in Fallout 4 native Russian to English really easily.

To carry out this, you need to download the EN_Strings paper from the link below: the paper is downloaded, you will need to extract the file. Currently you need to copy the extracted paper and go to the game directory. Below you have to open the Data folder and paste the extracted paper there. Then eliminate the EN native the folder name. You will find the Video folder there, remove the RN native the file names and replace them v EN. Just ensure the you put EN in resources letters. And rename ru to en in small letters in the intro_ru paper name. Now girlfriend will must come ago to the directory and open the Fallout 4 default file. Rename the sLanguage-RU come EN and also save the file. Now come up to the steam_api and rename the Language – RUSSIAN to EN. Then you will have to save the file. Now repeat it through steam_emu.After that, go to the Documents->My Games->Fallout. Open the Fallout.ini file, rename the sLanguage-RU to EN and save the file.After you perfect the above steps, you have to open your game. Below you will find that the language has been adjusted to English.

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