​The number 9 is crucial to a team"s success, mainly since they offer as the chef provider the goals.

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A traditional no. 9 operates together the focal allude of the attack and relishes getting the ball in the box with the opportunity to score and also while the function of the striker has readjusted somewhat in modern-day football, there are still part genuinely human being class no. 9"s out there.

Here are nine of the best.

​If there were a FIFA compensation for best Evergreen visibility in human being Football, Luca Toni would certainly surely it is in as great a bet as anyone.

At 37, Toni is definitely what you would speak to experienced, but that doesn"t it seems to be ~ to matter to the big striker, who proceeds to score objectives on a constant basis in Serie A because that Hellas Verona.

Toni verified his class during spells through Palermo, Fiorentina and Bayern Munich, but two decades into his playing career, he remains among the most efficient no.9"s in civilization football.

​Gignac has been about for a long time, yet this season has definitely been among his best.

The 29-year-old has been rejuvenated under Marceloa Bielsa at Marseille and also notched an impressive 18 strikes in Ligue 1 this season.

Gignac is a an effective centre-forward with actual aerial prowess that really reasons problems because that centre-halves all over France. With his contract because of expire in ~ the Stade Velodrome, he has actually been tipped for a switch to the Premier League, but who will authorize him?

​Strangely under-appreciated at Bayern Munich, the an effective Croatian front man has took pleasure in a new lease the life under Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid.

The previous Wolfsburg star has found the net 20 time in his an initial season in ~ the Vicente Calderon and also is recognised as one of the finest finishers in the game.

​If this perform was make in 2013, Falcao would probably be in the top three. Before he moved to Manchester United, the Colombian assassin was widely concerned as one of the world"s most dangerous strikers, notching up superior records through Porto, Atletico Madrid and also Monaco.

Although he has not gone to his deadly finest at Old Trafford this season, Falcao quiet possesses together much organic striking talent together a many the strikers in the Premier League.

​Maybe doesn"t obtain the praise his scoring document deserves, but there is a factor Karim Benzema has actually remained in the first-team at actual Madrid for 6 seasons; the scores goals.

The Frenchman has consistently uncovered the network over 20 times a season, including 22 currently this year. Together with the speed of Cristiano Ronaldo and also Gareth Bale, the 27-year-old completes a fairly formidable Los Blancos frontline.

​Edinson Cavani is whatever you"d want in a striker; quick, powerful and witha voracious appetite for goals.

The Uruguayan hitman has actually scored 48 times in 89 games for PSG since signing indigenous Napoli earlier in 2013. His continued prolific strike-rate has kept that as one of the hottest properties in european football and also a move to the Premier league is constantly touted.

Will Cavani end up in the Premier League?

The polish striker was viewed as the lacking piece in Bayern Munich"s puzzle and also has not disappointed since arriving last summer indigenous rivals Borussia Dortmund.

The forward has actually struck 22 objectives in 42 appearances because that the Bundesliga champions this season and also at 26 he has actually plenty of periods left to end up being a Bayern legend.​

​He may be pull close the winter months of his career, however the unmistakable Swede is still among the best at what that does.

Zlatan has excelled in the goalscoring department at every society he has played for and it is no coincidence that he has actually won organization titles in Spain, Italy, Holland and also France.

He won the prestigious golden Foot compensation in 2012 and with a great return that 28 purposes in 31 appearances this season, Ibrahimovic is still one of the many lethal marksmen around.

​Not only deserve to he nutmeg a mermaid, he can score goals rather generally too. The former Liverpool superstar has developed an insatiable appetite for goals throughout his career.

Although the donned the number 7 shirt at Anfield, the is recognised as an out-and-out number 9 and also he wears that number at Barcelona.

The Uruguayan is joined in the Nou Camp assault by Neymar and Lionel Messi, however both of those players space not timeless number 9"s. Suarez has had an increasingly impressive debut project in La Liga, netting 19 times in 36 appearances.

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Now that he is truly resolved with the Catalan giants, he looks set to score wonder goals for numerous years come come.

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